Wednesday, December 06, 2006

3rd section of the CPA exam

As I expected I did not pass the 3rd section of the CPA exam. I got a 73 on that section and I needed a 75 to pass it!

The simulations really hurt me! I feel that if I would have bought a study system that would have allowed me to practice simulations I would have passed; but, I went the cheap way!

So I have passed two sections, did not pass one section and I am waiting to hear on the 4th section. I expect to pass the 4th section fairly easily.

I will be re-taking REG in January!



James Fitch said...

Good Luck Next Time

Kevin Knuth said...

Just remember- if it was easy, we would all be doing it!

You'll get 'em next time.

bobett said...

CPA exam used to be comprised of these four parts:


I'm sure SEC reporting is part of the exam now.

Mike you will pass all four parts.

Even the brightest, with all the tools in their tool box, do not pass the CPA first time around.

Be confident, and persevere.