Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Karen Goldner and the 2nd City Council District of Fort Wayne

I met with Karena Goldner today. She is the 2nd candidate I have talked to who has declared their candidacy in 2007.

Karen Goldner is a Democrat and she is running for the City Council position in Fort Wayne's 2nd City Council District. I live in the 2nd City Council District as of this most recent re-districting due to annexation.

Karen has a financial background and has worked for the City in the past. We talked for almost an hour and a half and I was quite impressed with Karen Goldner. She understands that "Economic Development" is not the same as "Economic Re-arrangement!" She has a passion for the future of Fort Wayne and she has a strong personality.

I have not talked to Don Schmidt, the current 2nd District City Councilman in quite awhile. I am still hoping that a Libertarian will step up and run for the 2nd City Council District; however, I doubt that will happen.

If the 2nd City Council race is a two way race between Karen Goldner and Don Schmidt I would currently vote for Karen Goldner hands down. I would not even think twice about it...

I look forward to watching this race over the next year and I hope that the race is a clean one that is focused on the issues rather then personal attacks!

Mike Sylvester


Karen Goldner said...

Thanks for your support, Mike. I enjoyed our discussion and look forward to more in the future.

P.S. Good luck on the CPA exam!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

A late, but heartfelt Merry Christmas to you, Mike! :)

Anonymous said...

Don will be tough to beat. He is an entrenched conservative in a conservative district.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


Don will definately be tough to beat. The 2nd is a conservative district; however, I am not sure that Don is that conservative anymore...

Don also has some baggage that he is carrying.

It will be an interesting race; Don is clearly the favorite; however, I think Karen will give Don a good race!

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I don't think many republicans are that conservative anymore; however, Don is entrenched and well liked. Unless he starts bayoneting babies on Main Street I think he is almost unbeatable. Don has an endless supply of cash and the ability to dry up his opponent’s cash. Unfortunately the electorate is not, or does not really pay attention to issues which makes this a name recognition race.

Tim Zank said...

Jon, is it ok with you if I borrow that line "bayoneting babies on Main Street"?????

That is priceless....LMAO

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think this will be a closer race then you do Jon!

I do not disagree with any of your points; however, I think there is a fairly strong sentiment amongst voters to "throw the bums out."

I think serving on The City Council for 36 years can be a negative as well as a positive...

I also think Karen is a strong candidate.

I think Don will be hard to beat; but, not impossible!

Anonymous said...


Be my guest... I probably stole it from someone myself!.

I don't think the "throw the bumbs out" attitude will transcend to a second election cycle, history shows that once the electorate has made a significant change, they chill out... Although Karen appears to be an excellent candidate, the 2nd is overwhelmingly Republican.... I think she will face the same challenge Tom Hayhurst faced. How do you beat a Republican in a district that is overwhelmingly Republican? Generally with a stick.. from a distance.. but not in a general election.

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