Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Matt Kelty for Mayor

I am the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County. The Libertarian Party of Allen County does not necessarily share my views!

I am extremely impressed with Matt Kelty and his campaign for Fort Wayne Mayor.

If people like Matt Kelty and Bill Larsen were in charge of The Allen County GOP I would most likely still be a Republican today; alas, they are not and the local GOP is a large government organization that continually is in favor of expanding the role and scope of our local government.

I think there are a lot of "grass roots" Republicans who still believe in:
A smaller government
The Constitution
The rights of the fifty states to pass their own laws

Matt Kelty believes in all of the points I have listed above...

I attended a Christmas Party that Matt Kelty held tonight and I had a great time. I talked to many of the people who attended this event and I enjoyed talking to them. They were a group of great people who all seemed to believe that the government has gotten too large. This event was attended by "grass roots" Republicans and by a smattering of Independents.

I only saw one person at the event who could be considered a "Republican Insider" and that was City Councilman Tom Didier. I am not sure if Tom Didier is going to publicly back Matt Kelty; but, I hope that he does.

I spent a fair amount of time talking to Marvin Hoot and his family at the event.

I think it is both sad and typical that the "good old boys" in the Republican Party are going to back Nelson Peters en masse. I do NOT think Nelson Peters is a bad man; I just think it is time for change. Primaries USED to be held to allow the voters to choose the candidate that would best represent them in the upcoming election. The Allen County GOP seems to feel that it is the job of the "good old boys" to choose a candidate for their members. I think that this is a sad and destructive policy!

Unless a LIbertarian decides to run for Mayor Matt Kelty will have my full support.

I am extremely impressed with Matt Kelty and I think it is time for a change in Fort Wayne!

As a small business owner I think that I have to support Matt Kelty because we need a Mayor who understands that small business is the key to Fort Wayne!

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Nelson Peters and Matt Kelty are both good friends of mine. They are both gentlemen and I expect good clean campaigns from both.

But..... Nelson represents what the Republican Party is.... Matt Represents what the Republican Party should be.

Where is the small government, less regulation party that I once grew to love?

It is my intention to be part of Matt’s campaign this year not only because Matt is deep in faith, has integrity and heart, but because its time to get back the GOP of Reagan.

Anonymous said...

I like Kelty. I coomented on his smoking ordinance on my blog. Pretty courageous on his part to choose common sense over conventional wisdom.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Well said Jon. I also expect clean campaigns from both.

Mike Sylvester

Jane said...

Thanks for this info, Mike. My impression from his position on the smoking ban was that Kelty would be the better choice. Now I know it.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for any architect who runs!

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for any architect who runs!

Marvin Hoot said...

Good comment Jon. I also know both candidates and most of the leaders of the GOP. I believe most have good intentions and are acting upon those intentions.

I have helped both Nelson and Matt in past endeavors but, like Jon, I really am drawn to Matt's refreshing personality, vision, extremely high level of integrity, sincerity, and deep deep faith.

Fort Wayne needs leadership that will take the city into the future, not just maintain the present. I believe in smaller government. I believe that Matt Kelty is the candidate with the right combination of attributes to do the best job as the architect of a new Fort Wayne.

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