Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another "must read" article

Chris Douglas authors an interesting Indiana blog entitled "First Republicans."

I find myself reading his blog more and more often...

Chris Douglas wants to reform the Republican Party...

His most recent article about the "falling dollar" is very interesting:

The only thing I disagree with in that article is that he feels the dollar will fall more with Dems in charge then if Reps were in charge. I disagree...

The dollar will fall no matter which large government Party is in charge. Neith Dems nor Reps plan on changing the way they do business... They do not think there is a problem...

The dollar is falling becuase of Reps and Dems...

Mike Sylvester

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Mike Kole said...

Chris Douglas's blog is very interesting. However, it has been shown too many times that the voices for freedom within the GOP get squashed. (See: Pence's effort to curb spending, and the virtual non-existence of the Liberty Caucus for real-life examples.)

The best way to pressure the GOP into meaningful pro-liberty reform is from the outside, by making them pay at the ballot box and in their fundraising.

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