Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Republican defects to the Libertarian Party

The Republican Party is not a Party of smaller government and more and more Republicans are waking up and realizing the today's GOP is a large government party!

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Mike Sylvester


Stan Matuska said...

Interesting article. I've always believed we need a viable third party. Maybe the Libertarian party will break loose and become just as popular as the Democrat and Republican party are today. People don't like to vote for Independent parties because they feel they are throwing away their vote. People aren't black or white, Democrat or Republican - they are human and come in all variations.

Anonymous said...

"Another Republican..."

What about the South Florida guy -- stalwart of the Libertarian Party -- who just switched to Republican to run for County Commission?

What about the LP's top elected official nationwide in Georgia, a County Exec. who switched to Republican a couple months ago?

Eric at