Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fort Wayne Community School

The rumors are circulating freely about the size of the expansion project that FWCS will be asking the taxpayers to fund.

I have been told that the current estimates are:
Low end: 200 Million Dollars
Middle and most likely: 500 - 600 Million Dollars
High end: 950 Million Dollars

These numbers are so high that the project may have to be split into three different bond issues...

Wow. I bet local Construciton companies are going to have a very Merry Christmas!

Property taxes in FWCS will skyrocket if these estimates are accurate.

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

What on Earth could FWCS need that would require that much $$$$????

James Fitch said...

I sell pumps to FWCS. I have talk to a maintenance guy who says that all school buildings need a lot of work. Since I will sell FWCS more pump, I am happy about the bond.

bobertt said...


"Since I will sell FWCS more pump, I am happy about the bond."
Of course you are happy.

The fact remains how would you spend money if it was your house needing the work and repaying the money spent?

That's how prudent the subject is.
We are talking a tremendous amount of money in bonds. It's not paid-full after the job, like it should be.

Who's gonna pay you Mr. Fitch?
Right away Mr. Fitch. And/or when the bond is due who's going to pay?

Jeff Pruitt said...

Where is the leadership in this city? Is there nobody capable of planning ANYTHING? First the combine sewage overflow is ignored for years until it's almost too late and now THIS?

It's no wonder Geoff Paddock didn't seek re-election. Hitting the taxpayers with a lump sum like the ones reported today is flat out inexcusable. All involved should be embarrassed and they should apologize for their woeful foresight and planning.

I assure you this, if my property tax bill goes up by the amounts they are discussing there will be hell to pay...

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