Friday, December 29, 2006

A little common sense please

This article in the JG tells it all:

Of special note is this excerpt from the above JG article:

"Library officials first learned of the leak a few weeks ago when the diesel fuel in an 800-gallon storage tank was gone. Officials weren’t sure whether the tank had a leak or someone had siphoned the fuel from it. More fuel was put into the tank so the level could be monitored, Krull said.

But the fuel began to disappear again, so the library called an environmental consulting company. It confirmed a leak in an underground pipe connecting a smaller feeder tank to a backup generator, which provides electricity to run emergency lights throughout the building. Both the small tank and the generator are in the same room, and the large tank is in a separate room, Krull said."

I have one major problem with this:

800 gallons of fuel oil are missing. They are not sure if it leaked or was stolen. This kind of thing happens, it is not a big deal. The problem is that ACPL put more fuel in the tank and then it leaked out again. That is stupid. Fill the tank with water!. Do not waste fuel and do not put more fuel into the spill area. Good grief.

A little common sense can go a long ways...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

The problem with water, Mike, is that it doesn't mix well with diesel fuel. The tank was not an old one that was to be discarded, it's for use as fuel to the backup generator so my guess is filling it with anything but diesel fuel would create a much worse problem. It would be the equivalent of checking for a leak on a semi-truck diesel tank using water instead of fuel. My guess is the moisture would never get completely out of the 800 gallon tank...

LP Mike Sylvester said...


You could be right; however, there are a lot of things that can be done rather then fill the tank back up with fuel...


Anonymous said...

Tim is right but how does one siphon 800 gallons of fuel out and no one notice... What were they sneaking in at night with 5 gallon cans...160 times... or did they back a tanker truck up unnoticed and run the hose down?

And could you imagine the problem this would have been if the private sector pulled a stunt like this....(Capitalist Pig ignores leaking tank and destroys downtown water table... Women and children killed!)

Tim Zank said...

You're right Mike, seems like it would have been simple enough to check the ground surrounding the tank, that's what they do at old service station sites.

Andrew Kaduk said...

You can have some 20 and 30 foot core samples pulled by Applied Environmental or SES for relatively little money. It would only take four samples to get an idea, but I would guess they'll ultimately be responsible for testing on adjacent properties (ditto cleanup), as their leak makes them liable for the mess based on every interpretation of the law. It would be best to test and cleanup now so that damages can be mitigated before any further migration of the contamination occurs.

William Larsen said...

How do you check a tank for leaks? Most tanks of this nature have to have a overflow barrier. If the tank leaks, it does not flow anywhere.

This system was sure to have cutoff valves. Otherwise, there would be no way to do maintenance. Closing off each system and performing a pressure decay test using 2 psi air to see how fast the air leaks would have found this size of leak.

As for a leak, how fast does it take for 800 gallons to leak out of a tank? 800 gallons is 106.9 cu-ft or 184,800 cu-inches. if it were leaking at the rate of i cu-in per minute, it would take 3,080 hours to leak. obviously it was faster than this. so let us speed it up to 15 gallons an hour. It would still take over two days.

What kind of leak is this that does not leave a trace? If it buried then the leak must be absorbed pretty fast and the hole must still be pretty large.

Obvously we have stupidity and ignorance at work as well. Will the installer of this pipe be held accountable for the leak?

bobertt said...

William you are admirable.

Very smart and can not be denied.

Facts, Truth = Brilliant

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