Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wizards game yesterday

We went to the Wizards game yesterday and had a good time.

We drove to Memorial Stadium and paid $4 to park. My wife, both kids, and I went to the game. We spent $18 for tickets and got one free ticket. The free ticket was for my daughter since she completed a Kindergarten reading program.

As usual we ate at the park. We always eat at the park. We had a large tub of popcorn ($4.50.) The kids each had a hot dog (Kayla's was free). Graydon's hot dog cost us $2.50. Karena and I had Brats and Kraut for $7.50.

We spent a total of $36.50.

The game was not well attended, I would guess there were at best 2000 fans last night; possibly due to the cool weather.

There were even more people at the game with kids then usual since they were honoring kids who completed their reading programs.

In fact, I only saw one group of people without kids and that was the Wawassee Baseball Team...

I did not see a horde of young professionals at the game. Maybe they are waiting until the stadium moves downtown?

Mike Sylvester


scott said...

Although I was at the game also, yes, I am waiting for the new ballpark to open downtown.

Geek said...

Mike, you never will see hordes of young professionals there. The engineers and software professionals that they claim are leaving town (read: brain drain) have no interest in baseball. If it were a Star Trek convention, things would be different.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I know you are too smart to not "get it" so are you just pretending not to get it? Nobody has ever claimed that a baseball stadium, standing alone, would be the key to attracting young professionals. However, a vibrant downtown, will help attract and retain young professionals. A downtown stadium will be one part of this! Good Grief Mike.

Anonymous said...

By the way Mike, the previous post was from Sam T. I forgot to sign it.

Anonymous said...

The baseball stadium was always billed as attracting young professionals. I think, as Mike stated, the study projects a sell-out every game. Don't start revisionist history on us now.

Robert Enders said...

That settles it then. Let's bribe Paramount to have the next Star Trek captain be from Fort Wayne, just like Carlton Heston's character in Planet of the Apes. Let's also build a massive gaming store downtown, and subsidize the construction of a 20-sided dice factory.

I'm kidding of course. My point is that smart, intelligent, imaginative people can always find a way to entertain themselves, no matter what town they live in. I noticed its mostly teenagers and city councilmen who complain about this town being boring.

If you're bored, go read a book, watch TV, go to the park, call a friend, hang out at any of the numurous coffeehouses and bars that already exist, etc. It isn't the government's job to entertain you.

Angry White Boy said...

Well put Robert.

Mike said...

I laughed out loud at the comment about Young Professionals. For some reason, these comments really stick and have my wife and I constantly debating them. AND, the main question always returns: WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF YOUNG PROFESSIONAL??? I'm 31, and write computer software for a living. Am I a young professional? My wife works for a Internet advertising company in California and is the same age. Is she a young professional? I assume both answers are yes. OK, so does a baseball stadium attract me to downtown. NO! I'm not a baseball fan, and quite frankly see a new one as redundant. I don't go to Wizards stadium now and it is closer to my house in the northern suburbs. Apparently not more than 2000 other people in Fort Wayne do either.

So, if I am a young professional they are targetting, what else is happening downtown to attract me and my professional dollars? OH WAIT, I'm 30 and live in Fort Wayne, IN. There is probably a 95% chance I have a family and kids (why the hell else would I live here?). Oh, so maybe that swimming pool and aquatic park might have fit the bill a little better. I'm off on a tangent.

Back on topic: WHAT IS A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL? What age range? Does the person get disqualified if they have kids? Do they have to have a certain level of disposable income to be targetted? Are they transplants or have they grown up in Northeast Indiana?

I would LOVE for someone to ask the mayoral candidates this question in debates. I would cast my vote solely on their answer!!!

Angry White Boy said...

Mike, you nailed it!

Kody Tinnel said...

"It isn't the government's job to entertain you."

I couldn't agree more Robert.

People in this country usually tend to blame everyone else for their own personal problems. It is ridiculous.

If someone can't find something to do in this city they just aren't looking hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Sam T., Jr. - A downtown stadium DOES NOT have to be included in Harrison Square. We need something that we don't already have. You better read the article from the Bay Area about the experience of Redding, CA - this is the one that Jodi Dean listed in her post of yesterday. New professional stadiums only "shift" entertainment from one arena to another- and = no gain. John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

This post needs more dollar beer night :)

I love going to the games at Memorial Stadium so I can watch the cars pass by on Coliseum Blvd. as I sit in the concrete slab.
I love that I have to get in my car and drive because it's too dangerous to walk to the nearest bar or restaraunt even though they are less than a quarter mile away. I must park directly in front of the establishment of my choice, so Memorial Stadium is great for me.

Tim Zank said...

Anonymous 2:53....You must not be one of the much sought after "young professionals" we've heard so much about, or you could afford to take a cab.

Imagine what cab fair is gonna be from downtown.

John Good said...

Mike - I am by no means a baseball enthusiast. I've never been to Memorial Stadium. I WILL go to the new stadium, and I will enjoy watching a game in the heart of my city with my family.

Parson said...

On the plus side, $36.50 isn't bad for enteraining the wife and kids. If you would have gone to see spiderman 3 (or some other movie) it would have cost probably at least $50.00. Maybe that baseball stadium won't be so bad, if they keep the prices about the same.

Robert Enders said...

John Good,
What do you consider to be the heart of the city? Due to annexations, the geographic center of the city is now near Coliseum.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, in Cleveland, to boost attendance we had 10-cent beer night.

That got the young professionals, and all the other slobs with a buck in their pocket, straight over to the game.

Oh, and there were riots, also. Nothing boring about that, eh Sam T.?

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