Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Election day update

I spent some time working the polls for Matt Kelty this morning. I spent time at two different polling places. Turnout was light at both polling locations and I found that many people were happy when they saw me and my yellow Matt Kelty shirt and yellow palm cards.

Turnout seems to be a little less then I expected at the polling locations I was at. I thought that the high profile Republican Mayor's race and City Council "at-large" races would draw more voters then normal. That did not appear to be the case.

The most interesting thing happened at lunch.

I had to attend a business meeting over at the Cork N Cleaver at noon. I decided not to go home and change clothes and to wear my yellow Matt Kelty t-shirt into the Cork N Cleaver (Those of you who know me realize I rarely wear a suit and tie).

While I was discussing business a complete stranger came up to our table and told me that she had voted for "my boss." She told me that both she and her husband had been planning on voting for Peters until they watched a televised debate. She told me that they could see Matt's passion during the debate and that both she and her husband decided to vote for Matt because they are tired of seeing government grow... She thought that Matt would work hard to decrease the size of government.

I have spent some time in my car today and I dropped off paperwork at a couple of clients. I have been checking out the local polling stations as I drive around...

I have seen a person working for the Matt Kelty campaign at many of the locations I checked. In fact at some locations there were TWO people working for Matt Kelty. At one location there was FOUR people working for Matt Kelty at the polling location, one of them was his campaign manager Jenna...

I am pretty sure that the Matt Kelty campaign has the better "ground game" and better "Get out the vote" effort. I only looked at my part of town and I have to admit I have no idea what is going on across town.

Oh yes, a person called me at home from the Matt Kelty campaign and encouraged me to vote as well...

I am feeling pretty good about my original prediction. I think it will be Kelty by 3.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...


Everybody has their different experiences.

I voted at 8:15 this morning and was greeted by volunteers for Peters, Liz Brown and Gutman, no other volunteers to be seen and two of my colleagues received calls last night from Peters office urging them to vote.

So, I think both candidates are executing nicely on election day.

It should be a nailbiter.

Dave MacDonald said...

Don't overlook the crossovers...
My wife and I have spoken with FIVE registered Democrats who committed to voting for Kelty today.

Low voter turnout favors Kelty - Little enthusiasm is generated by the Peters campaign. Should Peters pull out a win today, look for considerable voter apathy come November - I mean, is there really any difference between Peters and Henry? Both support Harrison Square and the Smoking Ban. Could be enough to keep the voters home.

On a side note, a friend of ours received a call from Matt Kelty himself reminding her to vote today.

Anonymous said...

I helped at a polling location early this morning and I will be going back shortly for the evening rush. I was supporting the Kelty campaign.

There were very few people that came to vote. I greeted maybe 30 or so in about three hours. I can't say exactly how many people voted which way. It was hard to guess.

I was the only person handing out literature until about 6:30 when a Peters supporter joined me. Very nice lady. It was her first time helping out. She left around 8 due to the lack of people. She also informed me that she will not be returning for the evening so hopefully I can monopolize my polling station for the rest of the eveing until voting is over.

Anonymous said...

A Kelty win assures that Tom Henry will be our next mayor. Just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with that.

Jeff Pruitt said...


Early on, I don't think many people gave Kelty a chance against Peters either...

Karen Goldner said...

I was at a number of polling places in the 2nd district today and except for 6 a.m. at Heartland Church (my polling place on Vance Avenue, where there was no one from any campaign), there were Kelty people at all of them. There were Nelson people at a couple, and people from various at-large races as well, but the Kelty people were everywhere. It was a very impressive organization.

My favorite part of the day was meeting Adam Mildred's grandparents who were passing out palmcards for him at Pine Valley. (I worked with Adam years ago when he was an intern for the City and really like him - I HOPE HE RUNS FOR SOMETHING AGAIN.) His grandparents are lovely people and we, along with other volunteers for various campaigns, had a nice time talking in between handing out literature. I think we all got a bit sunburnt, except for the smart people who immediately went for the shady part of the parking lot.

My favorite part of the EVENING was listening to Tom Henry, our next Mayor, address the audience at Democratic HQ. (My second favorite part of the evening were these amazing Chess Bars that someone brought for a snack.)

Okay, this has been quite a day.

And good call on the primary, Mike. It ended up being closer than I thought it would be, so I do not think I have a great career ahead of me as a prognosticator.

Christopher Mann said...

Anon 1 and 2 are mistaking some pretty hard numerical facts, summed up in the annexation of Aboite township. This is comparable to Indianapolis annexing Carmel, in which case the R primary winner would handily beat the D primary winner.

Every Allen Co D knows this will be a tough race to win. Rs are numerically favored to win, and Kelty (who lost to Win Moses by only 63 votes in 2002) knows grassroots politics very well, will walk precincts up and down to win the race.

Both Kelty and Henry will raise bucks, both will have brains to run smart campaigns, but Kelty will recruit more boots to work than Henry.

Gloria said...

I voted. I want to vote as much as I can before they take that right away from me.

Dave MacDonald said...


Very well put. Kelty's grass-roots "boots" will reach across party lines. My wife and I have been campaigning for Kelty. We spoke with FIVE registered Democrats who specifically voted for Matt Kelty (and no, it wasn't so Tom Henry would win in November).


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