Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fort Wayne voter turnout so far

I have heard that turnout is very low now from several poeple, including a couple who regularly work the polls. Two different people called and left messages on my answering machine asking me who low turnout would favor in the Republican mayor's race.

I am no political expert. If you want a better answer you should most likely ask Indiana Pundit or Mitch Harper!

That being said, in my opinion I think low turnout will favor Matt Kelty. I think that Matt Kelty has worked very hard and that his supporters are exicted and motivated to vote.

Nelson Peters spent a fortune in the last couple of weeks on direct mail and TV. He needs turnout...

I think low turnout will favor Matt Kelty.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Mike, I think you are correct that lower voter turnout will favor Kelty, however, nobody expected a huge turnout. There never is for a municipal primary. In fact, one might argue that if Kelty excited so many darn people, then why isnt turnout higher than normal!

As for checking with the Pundit, I will leave that to you. I dont know who the Pundit is but he must be very sage and wise. He picked Lugar to win in the last election which was really going out on a limb.


Change Fort Wayne said...


Anonymous said...

This is the first primary I have worked so I can't accurately compare it to another. But I do know that voter turnout is much lower than it is for Novmeber elections, obviously. I was also hoping that the race for mayor would get a few more people out than predicted.

Nick Metel said...

It is disappointing that so few people are turning out to vote in light of the fact that Fort Wayne Republicans are faced with two very, very different paths for the future.

david said...

If there is one thing I admire about Matt it is that he has so much passion and it has shown in the past couple of months. My main concern with Matt is his potential mixing of religeon and politics. If I didn't feel his primary motivations were religeon and pro-family (which Ft Wayne already is), I would probably have voted for him.

Robert Enders said...

I don't go to church. I feel that whatever beliefs give you the most comfort and allow you to be the best person you can be are the right beliefs for you.

I don't think that Kelty should hide his faith anymore than Hillary Clinton should hide her gender or Obama should hide his skin color. Kelty's faith is a part of who he is. I will vote for him solely on the basis of the policies he supports and opposes.

Many were worried that JFK, this nation's first (and so far, only) Catholic president would take his orders directly from the Vatican. They were proven wrong. I don't think Rome approved of his policy of sleeping with Marilyn Monroe...

All kidding aside, I am confident that he will keep his politics and his faith seperate.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the Kelty post election party downtown.

It was a pretty good time.

The food was especially nice. And there was great music as well.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Kelty's going to win. I think it's sad that a city of our size could elect a person with absolutely no political background to be our mayor. Sure small towns can get away with it but their big decisions include which day to have the parade on and whether to serve chicken or pulled pork at the barn dance. Fort Wayne wants to be a real city like Indianapolis but we are never going to get there by electing people with no experience or first hand knowledge of how a government works, let alone how is should be ran.

Needles to say I will be voting Democratic for the first time in my life this fall. I truly hope the rest of the city does the same.....

I still have my fingers crossed for a Peters win though..

Anonymous said...

Mayor Tom Henry

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better to have an outsider in office. It can bring new ideas into the mix.

I am not saying that it is a great thing that Kelty is a newcomer to politics, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

If a politician has good views on the issues then political experience doesn't matter all that much.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kody....However Kelty doesn't really seem to have any views on anything does he? He just sits back and watches. Can't wait to see him in office....Oh wait that will never happen.

barranda said...

Enders, if you think that Matt will separate his religious beliefs, then it is clear that you have never spoken with him...or heard him speak. The man wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. Since I'm Catholic, I guess I'm not too worried about that. I just thought I'd point that out to you.

Sam, in answer to your question, I'd say that there were a couple of tactical decisions by the Peters campaign that caused the phenomenon (why voter turnout was so low and favored Kelty). I don't think there was any doubt that Kelty cornered the hard-right conservatives...the demographic likley to vote. However, Peters had most everyone else. The referendum idea turned off a lot of marginal voters. They didn't support Kelty, so they just didn't vote.

Also, the latest mass mailings discussing the endorsements of every republican official and the newspapers created a perception that Peters would win easily...again turning off the marginal voters. In fact, they probably rallied the Kelty supporters.

Anonymous said...

Kelty wants smaller government, less wasteful spending, and he is against the Harrison Square project. He was one of the few candidates to go to the public hearing on Harrison Square and speak against it.

Anonymous said...

Mike, nice call on your mayoral prediction. Kelty ran an incredible race. Although i desperately wanted Peters to beat him, I have to concede that Kelty out campaigned him by a large margin.

I find it interesting that the three PRO HARRISON SQUARE individuals won the at large nominations by a wide margin over the three who did not take a stand or opposed.

Bender's winning margin is really quite incredible. It looks like a lot of the anti smoking ordinance people may have been "bullet" voting for Bender which is about the only way you can explain his huge separation from the pack.

Sam T.

Squarefinger said...

Bender had incredible name recognition, so I for one am not surprized at the result, except for John Crawford bringing up the rear.

david said...


You are right on. I congratulate Kelty on running a great campaign - it shows that the traditional campaign model can be easily broken if you work hard and have passion - sort of like the traditional military model can be broken with urban and guerrilla tactics. I would be embarrassed if I were part of Republican Party Headquarters today.

You are right on the marginal voters. I think many people became bored with Peters after he tried dodging some issues. I think that cost him the election.

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