Monday, May 14, 2007

Christine Smith Press Release

PRESS RELEASE - May 14, 2007

Libertarian candidate for president Christine Smith will be attending the Indiana Libertarian Party State Convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 19. She will be giving a 25-minute speech as well attending a number of other convention functions during the weekend event.

Smith, 40, from Colorado, is traveling across the nation with her message of liberty with previous campaign trips to San Diego, Oregon, and New Mexico, in addition to appearances on numerous radio shows nationwide (including several 50,000-watt AM-Radio talk shows) reaching millions of Americans.

A writer (her articles have appeared in numerous publications worldwide), author of an internationally popular book, and social justice/political activist, her humanitarian work across the country resulted in her receiving The Outstanding American Award in 2002 and the Amigas Peace Prize in 2000.

You may learn more about Smith and her platform at her campaign website:

Smith is available for press interviews during her Indiana campaign trip.

Interested media should contact:

Paul Kruger, Communications - Christine Smith for President
phone: (303) 532-4185

Christine Smith for President 15400 W. 64th Ave., E9-105Arvada, Colorado 80007



Parson said...

She has some good ideas, up too the let everyone that sell or uses drugs out of prison. The immigration idea wasn't bad. Less Fedral goverment will always be good.

Mike Kole said...

I'm interested to know what specific plan she has for fundraising, and what her goal for fundraising is. Several of the Ds & Rs have long ago eclipsed 8 figures. To compete, anyone ultimately has to raise 9 figures, so if she's coming with, "I'll raise $1 million or $2 million as previous candidates have," she just isn't what we need.

All Libertarian presidential candidates are going to be pro-liberty. They have to set themselves apart beyond that- favorable and impressively.

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