Monday, May 21, 2007

Information requests concerning Harrison Square

Well the City denied my information request and refused to give me the information submitted to them by the Hotel in response to the RFP. The City also elected not to provide me ANYTHING other then the general summary information on the City website.

I contacted the City law office last week and requested they fax me an open records request form. I did this because I filed FOIA forms and that is the wrong form...

I contacted the City again today by both phone and email and requested the same form yet again.

As of 3:22 PM they still have not faxed me the correct forms nor are they available online...

I will be Downtown tomorrow and I will stop by and pick up the correct forms in person if they still have been "unable" to fax me the correct form...

I keep hearing how efficient Fort Wayne Government is... If this is an example of efficiency then I am reminded of certain aspects of the military...

I am afraid that I now will have to file another series of requests and I will be much more more specific...

At this pace I will have to hire an attorney to get the information The Mayor promised me and that they in fact are required to give me per Indiana Law.

I wonder what Tom Henry's thoughts on public information are? I plan on going to a public forum and asking him...

The Mayor's Office should be embarrassed and ashamed of their refusal to provide information to the public.

Good Grief

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...

First, there is no official form. The state statute does not require one. You can make your request in person, e-mail, phone, etc.

They probably haven't sent you the form because it doesn't exist.

For an administration that's supposed to be tech-savvy they sure are behind the times when it comes to providing the public information.

Any answer back from the PAC?

LP Mike Sylvester said...


They actually do have a form and got it to me today...

The PAC has received my complaint...

Mike Sylvester

ROACH said...

Ask GOP Chairman Shine if the GOP will fix this glitch in the Machine. Sigma 6? giggle!
Graham Richard=Win Moses=brian Steer=Tom Henry.
Everything that is wrong with city government is now the fault of the Democrats. they have had 8 years to fix things.
Drink the Kool-Aid. Vote GOP..

Secret governments? Welcome to post 911 AmeriKa

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