Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Matt Kelty wins Republican Primary

Matt Kelty ran the best campaign for City office that I have ever seen. Matt worked extremely hard and motivated and organized a large team of volunteers.

Matt's victory proves that a hard-working candidate that runs a powerful campaign can beat "the system."

Matt's victory is amazing when you consider:
1. The entire leadership of the local Republican Party supported Nelson Peters.
2. Every elected Republican banded together to help Nelson Peters win. In fact, at the polling
places were large banners with a picture of Nelson with a veritable army of elected
elected Republicans supporting him.
3. Nelson Peters outspent Matt Kelty ABOUT 2 to 1.

I imagine the leadership of the local Republican party feels that they have been hit with a sledgehammer, or at least they SHOULD feel like they have been hit with a sledgehammer!

It will be interesting to see of the Allen County Republican Party "learns" anything from this primary...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Mike, you sound almost excited enough to re-join the ranks of the "new" republican party in Allen county!

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Tim Zank:

Who knows, maybe the Allen County Republican Party can actually be fixed and become an organization that believes in smaller and less intrusive government again.

Mike Sylvester

Tim Zank said...

There's always hope Mike!

Anonymous said...

Kelty proved that when a couple things fall into your lap, and only 12% of the city population turns out to vote, you can pull an upset. Nicely done.

Robert Enders said...

The next time I run, I want Souder to endorse all my opponents.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Another quality one-liner from Mr Enders...

Anonymous said...

Way to Matt! Now lets pull together and rally around him!

Anonymous said...

I think you should send that in as an editorial I would love for others to read what you wrote about the Primary.

Parson said...

I guess it's good to see "big money" doesn't always win.

Chris said...


You get it, unlike most of the political conventionati of Fort Wayne. Good job.

Chris Mann

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