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Press Release from Jingozian for President

Jingo08 Press Release 031

PORTLAND-OR, May 15, 2007

Declaration of Candidacy and Movement to Break America’s Destructive 2-party System

Mike Jingozian, CEO of AngelVision and Founder of RESET America, has announced his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States. Although a recognized leader in holistic business management, he is dedicating his resources and fulltime efforts to the campaign.

Jingozian is also the Founder of RESET America, recognized by many as the only viable plan to save our nation and planet before valid solutions begin to disappear. RESET America offers a specific course of action to alter our nation’s current trajectory by reorienting our policy around six areas of sustainability: economic, environmental, societal, health & well-being, foreign policy, and lastly, democracy and freedom. The organization has headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and employs a fulltime staff.

Jingozian has already built an impressive organization towards the support of his Presidential bid, which is garnering support from many organizations that are proving to be allies in the fight to break the 2-party system and bring new voices into government. The early response to his message is unprecedented by 3rd party campaigns of preceding elections. However, despite this early momentum, they do not intend to fully launch their campaign until Labor Day – September 3, 2007.

Jingozian reminds us that 75 percent of Americans do not believe that Congress is doing its job yet 98 percent of Congress is reelected. Jingozian says that we keep voting for the same people because of “story pollution,” that is, we have been convinced that voting for a 3rd party is a “wasted vote.” However, said Jingozian, “We need to remember that during another point in history, when our nation was deeply divided, we elected a 3rd party candidate, and that individual was Abraham Lincoln.”

It has been estimated that the Democrats and Republicans will need to raise $100s of millions to run their campaigns. So how does Jingozian plan to compete with these enormous fundraising levels? According to Jingozian, fundraising is not an issue. The Jingozian for President Campaign is adequately funded until its Labor Day launch. In addition, he intends to run his campaign like a startup: making use of limited funds on a shoestring budget. Jerry DeFoe, RESET America’s Communications Director, states, “If we need to raise funds to make this work, then this movement will fail. There’s no amount of money large enough to start a voter revolution. This movement will work because people know that this is the ONLY way we can solve our nation’s problems. They are eager to take action. Our response from our website is very exciting.”

Plus, remarks Jingozian, “Why do we need to raise money? The Democrats and Republicans are doing our job for us by proving that neither party has the right solution. The millions that they raise from corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups validate the fact that we need an Independent President in 2008.”

Jingozian has no delusions about what he intends to accomplish as President. He plans to use his Presidential veto power to stop what he says is the “uncontrolled use of Band-Aid solutions and shameful legislation that are destroying our economy and environment to the benefit of a small minority and at the expense of the middle class. The fact that I am not collecting funds from corporations or lobbyists means that nobody owns RESET America or Jingozian for President.”

Although Jingozian intends to direct the majority of his efforts towards making the country more sustainable, he also aims to expand ballot access and assist the campaigns of Independent and 3rd party candidates at all levels of government.

Heather Marsh, Executive Director of RESET America states, “To restore Americans’ faith in their government and their country, we need to put the interests of the people above politics: the interests of the people are best served by incorporating sustainability into every policy decision. This is done by having new voices and new ideas injected into our democratic process.”

AngelVision is one of the fastest growing business media companies in the nation. They were recently voted the 15th Best Company to Work for in Oregon by its employees. They have won numerous awards in innovation, marketing management, and ROI.

Jingozian feels that America is ready for a change. “I always hear from people that the 2-party system is destroying our country. We need to elect people who put honesty and integrity and doing what’s right before political favors, opinion polls, and fundraising. We must convince the American people to only vote for Independent and 3rd party Candidates for all positions of government from President to Water Commissioner.”

RESET America and Jingozian for President are planning an extensive PR campaign that includes 30 unique methods for disseminating messages to the American public, from film documentaries to “RESET stamp pub nights.” Many political insiders agree that this movement has the potential to catapult all 3rd parties, including the Greens, Working Families, Reform and yes, of course, the Libertarians onto the public stage.

Michael Jingozian received his BS from NYU in 1983, where he received a 4.0 GPA in Honors Economics. Jingozian received a MBA from Bentley College (1991) and earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Applied Science from Harvard University (1993).

You can learn more about RESET America and Jingozian for President at or call them at 503-679-6525.


Heather E. Marsh
Jingozian for President & RESET America
20431 SW Crestmont Place
Sherwood, OR 97140

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