Monday, May 07, 2007

Throw the "bums" out

I have already voted so that I can work the polls tomorrow...

I plan on working the polls for a few hours at my mother's Church for Matt Kelty. This is also Nelson Peter's Church. This could be kind of fun!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's election. Tomorrow's election should tell us all whether the local GOP can be saved from the Big Government Republicans or whether we will be stuck with two major political parties that both consistently stand for larger and more oppressive government!

I imagine that the "establishment" Republicans have had several meetings and have been wondering what has gone wrong. I will save you Big Government Republicans some time and list a couple of them for you:

1. Republicans used to stand for lower taxes. Today they seem to stand for increasing taxes somewhat and increasing spending more. This of course results in large deficits and increases our debt. Consider the following RECENT examples:
a. Nelson Peters supports a Regional Economic Development tax. This was covered in one of
his first press releases...
b. There is not a single local elected official who things the "Temporary" Allen County Food and
Beverage Tax should be "Temporary." Not one.
c. Nelson Peters supports using the "Temporary" Allen County Food and Beverage Tax for
other uses then it is currently allowed. This was discussed in another one of his press
d. The Republican Indiana Senate and our Republican Governor just increased the cigarette
tax to pay for low income health care. Can you imagine the outrage The Republican Party
would have expressed if Bill Clinton had attempted this?
e. Our Republican City Council just expanded another tax increment financing district which
removes property from our property tax base.

2. Republicans are consistently expanding government at every level by
increasing spending and increasing regulations. Consider the following RECENT
a. The Republican City Council of Fort Wayne passed a smoking ban that prevents private
establishments such as veterans organizations and bars from determining whether their
customers smoke or not.
b. The Republican City Council of Fort Wayne just voted to spend local tax dollars to move an
existing baseball stadium to a new location.
c. Republican Tom Wyss (Typical of Big Government Republicans in every way) focuses his
legislative efforts on ensuring the law abiding citizens wear seat belts. He is much more
concerned with seat belt laws then property taxes, unemployment, etc.
d. The Indiana Senate (Republican) just overwhelmingly passed a bill that would require
Interior Decorators to have professional licensing requirements...

There are a lot more reasons; however, I want to see if any of the readers of this blog can identify them for Steve Shine, Sam Talrico, Tom Wyss, Mark Souder, and the other Big Government Republicans in Fort Wayne.

Please help the Big Government Republicans identify what their Party used to stand for.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Mike. And, as you say, we will see if the Republicans in this corner of the state start to take their party back. I voted Friday: Kelty, Morris, Mildred and Gutman.

Here are a few more for the list: Republican's "No Child Left Behind" and expanded Prescription Drug Benefits.

Souder finding the need to earmark money for Notre Dame, one of the wealthiest universities in the world, in every appropriations bill.

Local Republicans supporting handing out new, "free" liquor licenses and supporting a gigantic increase in the mayor's salary.

Police officers working on a bounty system for traffic and alcohol offenses.

Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission purchasing land in secret and contrary to Indiana statute.

Fort Wayne Republicans signing on with the Mayor to "top down" economic planning. Next up, the OmniSource property.

Local Republicans claiming to be small government and non-interventionist, except when their really good idea that they really believe in requires otherwise.

Zero transparency in government operations like the Grand Wayne Center.

Mark Garvin

Tim Zank said...

Pretty hard to argue that Mark. Good post.

Angry White Boy said...

Personally, I think tomorrow will be the biggest wake-up call our elected officials have ever seen.

I'll be working two shifts at the polls.. hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

If Matt does not win....I will be moving out of Fort Wayne! If Matt does win....I may be still moving out of Fort Wayne!

Today, I have announced it to the rest of the world, (NOT Fort Wayne) that I am looking for a more stable income!


Anonymous said...

I think you guys are all a little too close to the action.

I think Nelson Peters pulls out a squeeker. Clearly, Kelty ran a very good campaign and he was clearly up in the polls two weeks ago, but Peters dominated the stretch run with direct mail, radio, tv and endorsements. I say Peters 51/49 or closer.

There is NO way Crawford gets knocked out entirely. I would be shocked if he does not finish first. He will not finish first by a large margin like he did in the 2003 general, but he will finish first. And Bender OR Brown will get 1 of the other 2 spots.

I do agree that Mildred and Morris will duke it out for the remaining spot.

Enjoy your election day.

Sam T.

Anonymous said...

If Crawford finishes first (which he probably will), I have to question the existence of a Divine Being. Peters by at least five and probably at least ten.

Robert Enders said...

Sam T.

You actually sit on the city council and we're the ones close to the action? No amount of campaign activity is going to help a candidate if voters do not like his platform.

This year, voters are better informed on the issues and the candidate's stances on the issues. HS is going to hurt Nelson Peters and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Enders, I do not disagree with you. Why do you think I said it will be razor thin? Without Harrison Square falling into to Kelty's lap, we would be talking about a landslide.

Intead, we are talking about Kelty possibly winning this thing. However, if you think Harrison Square is going to knock Crawford out of the 3 GOP spots, then you are nuts.

Sam T.

Kody Tinnel said...

I almost feel bad for the Democrats today. They don't have much of anything going on with their primary.

Anonymous said...

But look who votes in Elections...not your young people!

It's generally your older folks who are opposed to the stadium!

Angry White Boy said...

I've been working the polls at Preston Pointe today and was at Colony Bay earlier in the day. Colony Bay was deserted, but Preston Pointe has been very busy. The crowd consisted of the following.

65% - Senior Citizens
20% - Women - average age 40-45
15% - Men - average age 40-60

These are just rough estimates but I have yet to see a single person that I would guess is under the age of 35.

I guess they don't care much.

I had one guy actually ask me who to vote for for At-Large. Turns out he was in the same dorm with Adam Mildred at Ball State.

Anonymous said...

I voted this morning - I'm 29.

Robert Enders said...

At no point did I say that Crawford would get knocked out. I did say that Mildred would come in first, Crawford second, and Some Other Guy in third.

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