Friday, May 18, 2007

Free Speech

I feel that Freedom Speech is one of the most important things that The Constitution protects. I get extremely angry when our politicians attack that right; especially when it is done to promote either The Republican or Democratic Parties.

Campaign Finance Laws were changed a few years ago by the McCain-Feingold law. This law protects incumbent politicians from political challenge. This is a terrible law that was passed with bi-partisan support and should be repealed.

The next two items are items I will watch very closely because they are important to me.

The first involved Dr. Ron Paul (Republican). Ron Paul is running for President and is both a Republican and a Libertarian. In the last Presidential debate Dr. Ron Paul was the only Republican who opposed the Iraq war; the other nine Republicans support the Iraq war. Ron Paul has been against the Iraq war from day one and in fact is one of the few members of Congress who voted against the Iraq war (Unlike Hillary Clinton). According to viewers of the 2008 Republican Presidential Debates Ron Paul has come in 1st or 2nd place in most of the polls asking, Who won the debate."

Michael Steel, GOP spokesman, said that Ron Paul should be removed from future debates. (30% of those who voted in Fox's online poll concerning the debate voted that Ron Paul won the debate.) Now a petition is being circulated among members of the RNC to remove Ron Paul from future debates.

I certainly hope that Ron Paul is not removed from the debates. It would be an assault on Freedom of Speech if the Republicans remove him from the debates because he sticks by his principals.

The Democrats are rumored to be considering re-instituting The Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine would destroy conservative talk radio and this would be another illegal assault on Freedom of Speech in America. I hope these rumors prove to be untrue.

I am sick and tired of Dems and Reps taking away my rights and freedoms.

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...

I was impressed w/ Ron Paul and I hope he continues to go to the debates.

I thought it was extremely shameful when the crowd cheered the idea of torture from various candidates. However, John McCain pointed out that people that have actually served in the military don't support torture - his answer was brilliant...

Doug said...

Freedom of speech on the radio is somewhat illusory. After all, *I* can't broadcast on Rush Limbaugh's frequency. The government protects his frequency against my interference. Since they favor his claim over the airwaves to mine, they can impose restrictions on use of regulated frequencies.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that Ron Paul will be removed from the debates. His followers are growing and growing and it is clear that they are extrmemly devoted to do everything in their power to see that Mr. Paul gets elected. His campaign is going very well despite the fact that the mainstream medis is trying to hide his success.

I actually just ordered my Ron Paul bumper sticker last night.

jon said...


Wow how about that.. I didn’t know Rush now had his own frequency...last time I checked I can hear Rush (locally) on 1190 a frequency licensed by Federated Media and operated by WOWO. The reason Rush is allowed to broadcast on that frequency is WOWO has chosen to air him due to the fact that their listener's (the market) choose to listen. I assure you the moment that more radio listeners chose to listen to you rather than Rush it will you broadcasting on 1190 three hours every day.

Robert Enders said...

There is plenty of empty bandwidth to broadcast on. The historical reason for FCC regulation of the airwaves is because they were worried that one nutjob with one transmitter could incite an insurrection. As much as I care, they could let any idiot from anywhere on the political spectrum say anything short of advocating violence.

Al Franklin tried to fill what he thought was an empty niche with Air America radio. Except that niche was already filled by NPR.

Jeff Pruitt said...


The Al Franken show was a very successful. This didn't equate to the success of AAR as a whole for a variety of reasons but Franken was definitely the shining star...

Jeff Pruitt said...

Also, there's NOTHING on NPR like the Franken show. The fact that you try and make that comparison leads me to believe you have never once listened to the Al Franken show...

Parson said...

Some think Fox is really trying push Rudy down our throats.
Fox and Rudy

Some think Bloomberg might run as a indepent candidate. Yahoo News

Question, if Ron Paul is Republican and Libertarian, couldn't he just run as a Libertarian candidate?

Anonymous said...

To Parson

Ron Paul ran as the Libertarian candidate in 1988.

The problem with running as a Libertarian is that it is impossible to win the general election. If he runs as the Republican he has a much better chance of getting elected.

Andrew Kaduk said...

that comparison leads me to believe you have never once listened to the Al Franken show...

...or NPR.

I'm not sure from which perspective that comparison could be construed as more wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take the Dems to realize that the Fairness Doctrine will require a rebuttal to Katie Couric every night on the news.

Kevin Knuth said...


I would support bringing back the fairness doctrine.

In my opinion- Politics in this country became more devisive than ever after the fairness doctrine was eliminated. Why? Because we only get ONE side of the story.

Why do conservatives FEAR hearing both sides of the argument?

Anonymous said...

I love how the Dems controlled the media for decades and then sprinkle a few conservatives among what is still a sea of liberal opinion and all of a sudden they're all about fairness and hearing "both sides."

What hypocrisy.

Tim Zank said...

Kevin, did you type that with a straight face???

Surely, you jest.

"Because we only get ONE side of the story. Why do conservatives FEAR hearing both sides of the argument?"

If you are to claim that remark Kevin, are we to assume you are an idiot or a liar?

You guys (liberals) have ALL the print,the television,and most of the internet. We dominate talk radio....sounds really slanted in our favor, eh?

gimme a break

Tim Zank said...

Oh, and by the way, YOUR media outlets are preaching to the masses, while ours (talk radio) are preaching to choir.

Parson said...

Tim, do you count Fox News as liberal media?

Tim Zank said...

Parson, not at all. The television media I count as liberal media are abc,cbs,nbc,cnn,msnbc,pbs, & bbc. Not exactly slanted in the conservatives favor..

Andrew Kaduk said...

Tim, I do question lumping PBS in the "liberal" column...employing intellect and logic to television programming may be a touch avant-garde, but the fact that some of their contributors lean left doesn't mean the whole format leans left. I do agree with your masses v. choir statement, though.


There is only one group of people who fear both sides of "the story" being heard. They are called politicians.

Robert Enders said...

I stand corrected. I actually have listened to AAR. Al Franken was more fun to listen to than NPR. Do you think he'll get a syndicated show?

Jeff Pruitt said...

No because I think he's going to be the next Senator from Minnesota - that's not just wishful thinking; I honestly think he'll win...

Tim Zank said...

I forgot about Franken running in Minnesota....but it's too late to cancel my trip to Itasca State Park damnit!

As goofy as that state has become, I wouldn't be surprised if Franken does win.

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