Sunday, August 21, 2005

Please check out another local blog "Reverent and Free" and read his post about "book banning"

This thread concerns "book banning" in The United States. I am writing this thread after reading an interesting post on the blog "Reverent and Free".

I just cannot support the "banning" of most books. I would ask that you go to the link below and check out the 100 most "banned" books in the United States. I have read and enjoyed several of these books. How about you?

I do not believe in censorship in most cases. I think that "banning" books like Huckleberry Finn is absurd. What do you think.


debbie said...

The ALA reports that the group who most often initiates challenges are parents. Well, that makes sense. Parents should be the ultimate authority in what their minor/dependent children read, and they should have the right to "ban" a particular book for their child. I don't think many people would have a problem with this as stated above.

But it seems to get out of hand, and move to the "public" at large, when parents feel like they don't have that authority or choice when their kids are enrolled in a government school (but of course if they really want freedom to educate their child as they see fit, then why do they put their kids in government schools in the first place!)

And then there's the issue of taxpayers being forced to pay for books that they find morally lacking. Hence, it's a logical move to try and "ban" certain books since they are forced to pay taxes to purchase books.

Makes one wonder how much of an issue this would be if government was not involved in education at all, be it schools or libraries.

Bartleby said...

Well said, Debbie. Stuff like this is completely inevitable, with government being in the schooling business. The only language that government knows is that of compulsion and force. Any time they're involved, somebody HAS to lose. Most often, we all lose -- just in different ways.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

These are my attempt to answer Bartleby's questions!

The only way I could delete the spam comments was to do the following:

Go into the Blogger "Dashboard"

Go to the tab at the top called "View Blog".

Then go to the post in question.

Then click on the comments.

When you see the comments you will see a trash can icon at the bottom left of each comment. Click on this.

Once you click on this you can then follow the prompts to delete the post.

Let me know if this works for you! I am new at this, but trying to learn!

As far as the "banning" question I did provide a link to the blog "Reverent and Free." My link is the title of my post. When you click on the title of my post you then go to his blog. Then you have to scroll down and look for the specific post. It is called "Your eyes must be protected."

I hope this helps.

Bartleby said...

Sorry, Mike, I didn't recognize the link in the title. I since found the blog, and that thread in it.

A general comment on the "banned books" thing: since those books are all readily available, I don't see how it serves any purpose (other than the ALA's desire to whip up hysteria) to call them "banned." If something's really been banned, I shouldn't be able to find it, it seems to me.

Thank you for your advice on dumping a comment. I thought that's about what I'd done before, and it only got rid of the content of the comment, leaving the "shell." But I went back tonight and tried again, according to your recommendation, and it worked fine. I must've screwed up somehow the first time. Thanks!

LP Mike Sylvester said...

No problem! Glad to be of help!

Anonymous said...

I think that parents should ban their children from reading certain books like if their child is 10 , they shouldn't be reading romance novels. But the state or the usa banning books from all children reading or any body reading is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Huckleberry Finn is a classic of american literature which is historically accurate for the time, place, and culture, which it takes place. The only reason why I could think that they would ban it is because of racial slang but if that is the case then you might as well ban a whole lot of other books that have cuss words and racial slang in them. For example, Catcher in The Rye also has a lot of racial slang but it's there to prove a point, not to be offensive. In Huckleberry Finn, Huck refers to Jim in those terms but Jim is his closest friend. Huck is a product of his environment. Race relations is an important part of American history and if we ban great American literature because of sensitive parents, then we are bastardizing our own history and cultural inheritence.

Anonymous said...

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