Friday, August 05, 2005

Comments on I-69 wall to help contain noise from I-69

Kevin Leininger wrote an interesting article in the Thursday News-Sentinel entitled "Wall not for all."


I think Kevin hits a lot of good point in this well thought out article.

This is a 13 million dollar project that benefits a few taxpayers, and in many cases does not protect other tax payers in the exact same situation. Of course it is not fair. This is a typical government project.

This project is a good example of how government has gone wrong.

What should happen is we all should pay LESS taxes and the government should not get involved in projects like sound barriers at all.

Since we all would pay less taxes we would have more disposable income. If a neighborhood decided to build a sound barrier it could, people in that neighborhood could pay for their own sound barrier. The government would not tax EVERYONE in a county and then pick and choose who to spend money on...

Believe it or not this is the way the government of The United States operated just 60 short years ago...