Sunday, August 21, 2005

Libertarian "Small Business" meeting in Dayton Ohio

I attended an event sponsored by The Libertarian Party of Ohio. The event was held in the Dayton Convention Center on Saturday, August 20th.

This was an interesting event. Libertarians from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky met to discuss Libertarian outreach to small business owners.

Small business owners are definately a great group of people for Libertarians to reach out to. Small businesses are a critcal component of our economy. Almost all government money spent on "economic development" is spent on large companies.

Fort Wayne is a GREAT example of this. Over 98% of all money granted for tax abatements is given to large companies in Fort Wayne.

I have agreed to host a regional event in Fort Wayne in Novemeber. The Fort Wayne event will be similar to the Dayton event.

We will schedule at least a couple of hours in the evening for people to get together and talk politics in a less fomral setting.