Tuesday, August 02, 2005

8th item in The Republican Contract with America

The 8th item The Republicans promised America was

"To gaurantee an honest accounting of our Federal Budget by implmenting zero base-line budgeting."

This was one of the most important things The Republicans promised, and one of the first they immediately decided they would not do...

Zero base-line budgeting means that you do not simply start with the previous years budget and start increasing it. With zero base-line budgeting you must redo your budget each year and only budget that money that is really needed.

Many companies do this. This change in accounting practices would help us cut excessive Federal spending.

The Republicans have become a party of bigger and bigger government. In fact, the Republicans are increasing the size of government faster then Bill Clinton and the Democrats ever even considered.

Heck The Republicans have specifically increased spending on both Medicare and Education MUCH more then The Democratic party ever did. I think the Republicans are trying to appease the Democrats by spending as much money as they can and raising the Federal Debt to embarrasing levels.

Contract Status:
Promises Broken 5
Promises Kept 3

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