Friday, August 05, 2005

Eminent Domain Hearing in Indianapolis next week

I will be attending the Eminent Domain hearing in Indianapolis next week. This hearing is at 1 PM on Wednesday, August 10th.

I plan on spekaing out and bringing up specific examples of eminent domain abuse here in Fort Wayne.

Is there anything about eminent domain anyone would like me to specifically bring up at the hearing?


Robert Enders said...

I was appalled when they came so close to building that downtown arena back in late 2000. They would have bulldozed a number of houses to make room for the structure. It was claimed that these houses did not matter as much because they were rental homes. In otherwords, low income people who did not count lived there. Whether or not one owns their own home, it is still frustrating and unjust to be evicted even after making the making the payments on time.

Ultimately what killed this boondoggle was another boondoggle. People asked what would happen with the Coliseum expansion if the downtown arena was built. Since Fort Wayne could not support two sporting facility, the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum was to be closed down. This got a lot of veteran's groups upset, saving downtown in the process

Anonymous said...

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