Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Evan Bayh's press event in Fort Wayne

I attended the event at IPFW. I listened to Evan Bayh's keynote speech. He gave a good speech. After listening to his speech I am even more sure that he is planning on running for President in 2008.

I will throw out a couple of interesting statistics he gave:
97% of all business in Indiana are small businesses
80% of all new jobs nation wide are created by small business.

Evan Bayh annouced a new Federal small business initiative. I will post details on these when it is brought in front of the Senate.

I wish that Evan Bayh (And all other politicans) understood that small businesses ARE the key to the economy. All politicians talk as if they are pro small business; but, they still give 95-98% of the total tax abatements to LARGE businesses. It just does not make sense.

Fort Wayne is no exception. I have a list of all tax abatements granted by the City of Fort Wayne in the last couple of years. 95-98% of the total dollars given in abatements go to large, successful companies. It just does not make sense.

After Evan Bahy's speech he talked to three of the people in the front row. I was one of those people. He commented that he wished he could dress more like me. I was wearing my short sleeved Libertarian party of Indiana shirt and dockers. I told him I had plenty of Libertarian Party clothing for him. He seemed to think it was funny...


debbie said...

You are right Mike, tax abatements are a bad idea. And we certainly wouldn't want to be pushing for getting them for small businesses either. All it does is set up a way for political favors to be handed out; they can't give them to everyone, special groups would be created even within the small business community.

You say you have a list of abatements given in your area. What I would like to see is a 10 year report of abatements and how they played out. Did the company really create as many jobs as they bragged they would? And if they didn't, did someone follow up on that and make sure they gave some of the abatement money back?

In our area, we always see reports of grand plans for companies who get the abatements, but there is never any followup later.

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