Friday, June 22, 2007

We are back from Germany

We had a great vacation in Germany and many of my future posts will concern Germany.

A lot has happened while we were gone and you can expect quite a few posts over the next few days.

The main thing I planned on researching when I got back from Germany was Tom Henry (Democratic candidate for Fort Wayne Mayor) and his positions on various issues in Fort Wayne.

I went to his website, again, to see where he stands on the issues that are important to Fort Wayne. You can see his stances on various issues at the following link:


You should notice that his website still does not have his stance on a single issue that concerns Fort Wayne.

So far he is running a campaign straight out the the "DSC Handbook." He is raising money and not letting the voters know anything about him or where he stands.

The day after the primary I predicted that Matt Kelty would beat Tom Henry by 3% in the general election. I am considering changing this prediction because if Tom Henry keeps this up he is going to get beat by more then I previously expected...

Mike Sylvester


Angry White Boy said...

We missed you Mike. Welcome back. Have you picked a new address for your Blog?

Anonymous said...

Mike - I sure envy you guys - I have not yet visited the country where my forefathers came from. Things have been happening while you were gone - Glad you're back safely. John B. Kalb

LP Mike Sylvester said...


No, I have to catch up on a lot of other things first...


My paternal and maternal grandparents both came to the US from Germany after World War One...

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I actually looked at Tom Henry's site a few weeks back to see what I could find also.

Extremely disappointing.

It's basically a name and a picture.

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