Monday, June 11, 2007

So What Do You Think of Festivals Exempt from Smoking Ban?

The Fort Wayne smoking ban doesn't apply to the festivals in Fort Wayne.

Pavilions are considered open-air structures. The Fort Wayne ban only applies to indoor public places, the news media is reporting.

So what about private clubs?


Robert Enders said...

Event organizers probably set their own smoking restrictions. If you could smoke at an event last year, then you can probably smoke there this year.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is a practice in hypocrisy. Why are tobacco retail outlets exempt?

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

The city has said pavilions are exempt, including the festivals in them.. rib fest, germanfest, etc...

Jeff Pruitt said...

Private Clubs are not exempt because they are specifically called out in the city code under the definition of "public place".

And since the pavilions don't meet the definition of enclosed, they are exempt:

"All space between a floor and ceiling, enclosed on all sides by solid walls or windows (exclusive of doors or passage ways) which extend from the floor to the ceiling, including all space therein screened by partitions which do not extend to the ceiling or are not solid."

Parson said...

They know that nobody would come down to their events if it was non-smoking.

Doesn't matter to me, nothing will keep me away from rib-fest this weekend. yum yum!

Tim Zank said...

To answer your exit question Jennifer, private clubs are not private. Well, not anymore anyway.

Robert Enders said...

Private clubs should have the same rights and protections as a private residence. The only time police should be inside a private club is if they have a warrant, probable cause, or if the owner calls them.

Tim Zank said...

I agree Robert, but I'm afraid there in Ft Crawford, er Wayne, you're residences will be the next logical step.

Relax, it's for your own good! Right Doc?

Anonymous said...

And it's so-called Republicans that did it. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

now that one hazard is gone from the work place maybe they will attack the ones that are more dangerous

factory air quility
welders air quility
paint shops

I could go on

but osha has gone to the toilet
and is not helping our workers

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