Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Imagine that...

Imagine that, politicians asking questions ...Seems as though the Libertarians aren't the only ones asking questions about Harrison Square after all....

Ft. Wayne City Council members asked questions about how Harrison Square property was acquired--in a letter with counsel outside of their regular meeting.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen how our old media has been reporting this - Somehow making the Palace, the Tire Store, the old Centro American eatery and others out as "servicing" the TIF district? That's "Fort Wayne Newspeak", I guess - making intended servant into the served. Property serves the infrastructure? What nonsense!!!
John B. Kalb

Robert Enders said...

The downtown ballpark had been planned for a long time, ever since the downtown arena fell through. The city brought or seized properties to pave the way for the project. It hit a snag when the owner of Belmont Liquors fought and lost a court battle to keep his store from being seized. At one point Graham and friends had changed their minds and offer to sell Belmont Liquor back to its original owner. He refused, so the city is stuck with the property. The entire Harrison Square project is sending good money after bad money.

I don't support using public funds to build baseball stadiums, but the city could have saved some money if they had waited for Omnisource to throw in the towel and sell their Calhoun Street properties.

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