Thursday, June 21, 2007

Election Boards.. Why Not Libertarians?

...Ok, not much time to have looked into this, nor write eloquently about it, but I wanted to throw it out there..

Why the heck isn't there a representative from the Libertarian Party on that election board??

What would it take to change that?


Jeff Pruitt said...

You can either try and get the state law changed or finish in the top 2 in the Secretary of State race:

IC 3-6-5-2
Sec. 2. The following three (3) members comprise each county election board:
(1) The circuit court clerk, who is ex officio a member of the board.
(2) Two (2) persons appointed by the circuit court clerk, one (1) from each of the major political parties of the county.

IC 3-5-2-30
Major political party
Sec. 30. Major political party refers to:
(1) with respect to the state, either of the two (2) parties whose nominees received the highest and second highest numbers of votes statewide for secretary of state in the last election; or
(2) with respect to a political subdivision, either of the two (2) parties whose nominees received the highest and second highest numbers of votes in that political subdivision for secretary of state in the last election.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Well, that's good to know. I have new goals!

Robert Enders said...

So, there are several ways for us to get a Libertarian on the election board.

1. Get a Libertarian elected county clerk.
2. Have the LP candidate get first or second in votes cast in Allen County in the SOS race.
3. Lobby the couty clerk to nominate a Ron Paul-like Republican to the election board.

You all realize of coarce that as the way the law currently is, the election board will always be controled by one party or the other. This should be fixed soon, because if Obama picks Evan Bayh as a running mare, Indiana will become a swing state.

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