Friday, June 15, 2007

Riverfront Development

I don't think that the city needs even one boondoggle, let alone two. But let's say for the sake of arguement that Harrison Square will cause more people to come downtown and spend their money. A lot of businessmen supported HS. Shouldn't these same people be crawling all over themselves to buy up properties like OmniSource?

The community forums in which people tell the city what they want there are a joke. They only get input from the people who have enough free time to go to that kind of event. People will say that they want a waterpark or a movie theater. Its like a kid sitting on Santa's lap, asking for a pony. The kids rarely ask for the things that they need, like school supplies, healthcare, and a job when they graduate. I take it that a grocery store just isn't sexy enough to be put downtown.

Some have called our rivers an important asset. They were an asset, back when many goods were transported by boat because it was faster than a horsedrawn cart. Now that we have the internal combustion engine, they're just something to build bridges over. The city has spent millions tearing down houses along the river in order to prevent flooding. Now they want to build more stuff there.


Dave MacDonald said...

The right vision can make it happen. People simply haven't seen one they will support yet.

Riverfront Development said...

It will take the right steps at the right time, with the right PRIVATE dollars for the right projects! I do support PUBLIC DOLLARS, for infrustracture, as needed, i.e. sewer, water, stop lights, and the like.

Dave MacDonald said...

Agreed - 100%.

Private dollars will gravitate toward the right project without the need for public funding. Show businessowners a winning formula and they will step over each other to be involved.

Bartleby said...

"People will say that they want a waterpark or a movie theater. Its like a kid sitting on Santa's lap, asking for a pony. The kids rarely ask for the things that they need, like school supplies, healthcare, and a job when they graduate."

That's excellent! I'd go a step farther, though, with the Santa illustration. Not only do the kiddies ask for expensive toys rather than that responsible-grownup stuff ... the kids also seem unaware that Government Santa is, in fact, a drooling, groping pederast, who has his own reasons for wanting the tots on his lap. It would be much better for them if they instantly jumped off and ran away, looking over their shoulders at a safe distance to tell the old pervert to go get stuffed.

Parson said...

What is Fort Wayne's obsession with water parks?

Dave MacDonald said...

Water parks appeal to many people for different reasons:

* Year-round family entertainment
* People are naturally drawn to water
* Destination attraction
* Appeals to tourists and residents alike
* Currently popular and yet not every community has one.

Another venue could be just as appealing if it meets the same criteria.


Squarefinger said...

Agree that one boondoggle at a time is enough.

The so called community forums are window dressing for supporters of a project to be able to say they held public meetings on the subject and the people supported one idea or another. It is likely a determination for the project has already been made annd they are simply going through the motions.

If indeed the rivers are an important asset, why is the city dumping raw sewage into them over half the days of the year? Heck of a way to treat such a valuable asset. It could be part of Mayor Richard's "green city" initiative, but I doubt it.

Might be time to consider complying with Federal regulations on storm and waste water separation and treatment, and not put it off for another 30-years. But then, that's not as glamorous as new ballpark or a new waterpark.

Fix the hole in the roof before you buy any more new toys.

Robert Enders said...

That's hilarious, Bartleby!

I hadn't thought about that point about the sewage, Squarefinger. But the sewage is dumped into the Maumee, while they want to develop along the St Mary's, which is polluted with fertilizer run-off.
But maybe they can market that anyway. "Come swim with the breakfast that you ate this morning!"

Fort Wayne: Room for Schemes.

Anonymous said...

Robert - 90% of the raw sewage gets dumped into the St. Mary's just west of the Clinton Street bridge - as you go over that bridge, on a rainy day, look to the northwest side of the St.Marys and see the four large pipes open and "dump" everything you can imagine into the river. Fort Wayne has a limited time to reduce this to only 2 or 3 times per year, per the Environmental Protection people. The cost will be very, very expensive - and should be where the $40 million City Light Lease money should be used - but thats only a small percentage of what will be required. The present plan calls for "interceptor" lines to funnel the overflow to the retention ponds to the south of Lake Ave. east of the Coliseum by-pass instead of going into the rivers. John B. Kalb

Gloria said...

A grocery store won't get people to shop downtown, unless it has a waterpark attached to it. Actually, how about a horse racing track/waterpark/college/free medical clinic all rolled into one? Who wouldn't go there just to have the opportunity to get broke/rich, get wet, get smart and get healthy, all at the same time? It would be a hell of a tourist attraction!

Jeff Pruitt said...

The CSO problem will cost anywhere from $250-300 Million to reach compliance...

Dave MacDonald said...

Check out my vision for the Old Fort Water Park Resort:

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