Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pat White Got It Right Today

Well, Pat White's show on WOWO just impressed the hell out of me today. Normally I am not thrilled with the wide variety of angles he comes from nor his style, but today he was really on the ball and I was pretty happy about it.

Today Pat was talking about the Health Department Nazi's crackdown on small businesses...specifically a restaurant on Street which has been in the newspapers and media a lot which is under attack for running its bar b que pit outside--Chuck Wagon Restaurant.

Here's a piece recently about them NOT closing down:

What do you think about the Health Department's crusade to run him out of business via video tape and electronic pictures? Apparently, a county employee with way too much time on their hands sat and watched him cook from across the road the other day...taking pictures. When they were approached, they fled in a government car and refused to talk to the owner.

Is this what we want? Is this acceptable for our society to run someone up the flag pole because they moved to another part of town? According to the owner, he was never assaulted like this when he ran his restaurant on the South side of town...

What do we want from OUR Health Department? Do we want to have them target small businesses to run them thru the ringer? Do we want them to concentrate on cleaning up our drinking water? How about fixing problems with sewage running in the streets or large companies pollution? How about vaccinating kids... How about serving people instead of gunning them down for prosecution?

Thanks Pat, for telling people small businesses matter.


Jeff Pruitt said...

Not to mention that it's about the only barbecue worth eating in this town!

Tim Zank said...

As I've said before, don't worry so much about the feds, the locals are the ones that are taking everything away a little chunk at a time.

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