Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello from Germany

I thought I would check in with everyone today.

We (Karena, Kayla, Graydon, and I) got into Germany on Wednesday of last week.

We have had great weather so far and love southern Germany. We are staying with Karena's father most nights and are really enjoying Germany...

Doug, thanks for house-sitting!

Brent thanks for helping with the business while we are gone...

Karena's father lives in Lehrburg. Lehrberg is just about 4 miles from Ansbach. Ansbach is a US army base in Germany. My good friend James Fitch was stationed in Ansback while he was in the US army...

Jimmie (Karena's father) owns a great house in Lehrburg. It is a large house on the side of a scenic hill. The house actually has an apartment that could be rented out on the bottom floor, that is where we are staying.

I am typing this post from a laptop, I hate typing on a laptop...

See you later...


Karen Goldner said...

Enjoy your trip and your visit with family.

I'm completely with you on laptops. When I can hook in a mouse I'm fine, but doing any amount of work without a mouse is most annoying.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have fun.

Tim Zank said...

Did ya have time to pop on over to the G8 summit?

Hope you enjoy your vacation, travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Lucky dog!


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