Sunday, June 17, 2007

Changes to this blog

Regular readers of this blog knew that I would be taking over as moderator. When Jen took over as chairperson we had discussed having a blog for use by the party. Since this blog had the URL, we asked Mike if we could use it.

The first things I did were adding word verification to prevent spam comments and changing the name from "FW Libertarian Mike Sylvester" to "Libertarian Party of Allen County". I notice many of the local blogs still have a link to this blog under the title "Mike Sylvester". While Mike will still continue to post here, this blog isn't about one man but about a set of ideas. So you all might want to update your links. CFW, maybe you can change the link to "LPAC!!!!!"

When Mike starts his own blog about his personal and professional life, you all can link to that that blog as well. I am beginning to think that people should keep seperate personal and political blogs. I hate going to a blog to see if they have a take on universal health care, then having to scroll through a bunch of posts about how cute their cats are or what they ate for breakfast that morning. Not that there's anything wrong with blogging about that kind of stuff, but newspapers keep the "Features" section seperate from the editorial page for a reason. You all are more than welcome to visit Blog of the Enders, by the way. However, while I am quite satisfied with my personal life right now, I don't think anyone really wants to read about it. So I write fake news articles, an idea that I stole from the Onion, who stole it from SNL's "Weekend Update", who in turn stole that from National Lampoon.

I will delete any comments that are obscene, libelous, or spam. I notice that spammers now try to disguise their comments as legimate comments by starting off by flattering the blog, like "Nice blog. I find some good information here. Check out my website!" Then it links to some travel agency. But any other comments are fair game. You can call me any name you like and I really won't care.

I'm thinking about switching templates, but I will wait until Mike gets back before I do that. This is a trial period, and whether or not I continue to moderate this blog is contigent on if I can retain Mike's old audience.


Kat Coble said...


Although now I'll have two blogs to read...this one AND Mike's.

But you know, we DO like to read personal stories about the bloggers we follow.

Some of us have even met friends and loved-ones through blogging. Or so I hear. ;-p

Jeff Pruitt said...

Good luck w/ the change Robert. I enjoyed this site as it was but I also enjoyed reading your site.

Perhaps combining the two with other new writers will make the site all that much better...

Robert Enders said...

The meat and potatoes of blogging is coming up with new material on a regular basis, and commentting on the latest issues. Mike will continue to post here, but I doubt that he will post as much because his accounting business is starting to take off.
The only other major, non-cosmetic change to this blog is the addition of new authors. Jen is the new chairperson, and therefore the new face and voice of the local party. It just makes sense to include her.

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