Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More subsidies for new Downtown Hotel

It is no wonder the City is keeping all of the financial details secret in the Harrison Square deal.

Read this gem:


This has been discussed on this blog before...

Yet another subsidy for a project that should be fudned with private dollars...

Mike Sylvester


Rodrigo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
B.G. ((Semper Paratus)) said...

ANd for those that do NOT have Spanish as a second (or even third) language...

"They don't call it COSTAPLENTY SQUARE for NOTHING...SOMEONE ELSE will evetually wind up paying for it...




Robert Enders said...

I deleted it because it was a spam post. And it wasn't in Spanish, it was in Portaguese.

Anonymous said...

All kinds of information "leaksa' out - Mike, did you catch the item a week ago Monday at the hearing at the library about the fact that Pat Roller needed a money transfer from a Redevelopment Committee fund to pay bills coming in on the Safety Academy at Southtown Centre "because there was not enough coming in from the sale of Southtown Centre land" So the city owns a lot of land which they may have to give away to get it used - resulting in other taxpayer-contributed funds picking up the loss!! Just great - and this one is just starting - I predict that the whole "house of cards" will be falling within 6 or 7 years and we will extend the Southtown eyesore into the next generation. I'm sorry, but you do not get something for nothing (unless you are a city councilman). John B. Kalb

ROACH said...
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