Sunday, February 18, 2007

Social Security Numbers

I went to the Northwest Area Partnership Meeting last week.

One of the speakers informed us about an issue involving illegal aliens in Fort Wayne...

Jeff Pruitt and Karen Goldner were present for this as well...

The individual told us that they:
1. Managed a lot of rental properties in Fort Wayne.
2. That they USED to require all applicants to provide a social security number. This allowed the person owning the rental properties to conduct background checks, credit checks, etc...
3. Not too long ago some of the applicants did not want to provide their social security numbers and threatened a lawsuit.
4. The property manager called "Metro" and was told that they could require applicants to provide social security numbers.
5. "Metro" soon called back and told the property manager that they COULD NOT require social security numbers because that would be discrimination...

I will be calling "Metro" this week and finding out more...

I need to learn several things:
1. Is "Metro" really telling renters that they CANNOT require applicants to provide a social security number?
2. Can you get a high quality background check and credit report WITHOUT a social security number?

More to follow...

If you can answer either of the above questions please post the answers.

Mike Sylvester

1 comment:

Mike Kole said...

I used to refuse to give my SSN on principle. FDR's promise to the people that an SSN would never be used as an ID #. I've softened up on this, which is probably a mistake given the identity theft that goes on.

This one cuts both ways to me. I don't blame one for refusing to give the SSN on any grounds. I also don't blame one for refusing to rent without being able to conduct a credit check.

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