Sunday, February 04, 2007

Indy Tax Dollars has a great post you should read

Please read his post:

I am a big Colts fan. My wife is an even bigger Colts fan.

It is 100% shameful how Indianapolis and Indiana have decided to take hundred of millions of dollars from the taxpayers and give it to Jim Irsay...

I am still angry that Indianapolis and Indiana are building a brand new Football stadium at taxpayer expense and that they let Jim Irsay have the naming rights to that stadium and about 124 million dollars that should belong to the taxpayers...

Now our large government Republican friends want to exempt the NFL from Sales tax to hold a Superbowl. They will also exempt the NFL and the teams from the Hotel tax in an attempt to draw a Superbowl to Indianapolis.

Interestingly enough, the Hotel tax is supposed to help defray the costs of a small fraction of the subsidies that the taxpayers are paying to build a new palace for the Colts.

This has gotten far out of hand...

Never doubt that both Democrats and Republicans consistently stand for larger Government AND subsidies of all kinds...

The Colts are getting HUGE subsidies and I am tired of it.

Mike Sylvester
Large Colts fan...


SuperbowlMan said...


Tim Zank said...

I approach this in the same manner I try to make all major decisions.

Very simply put, the "pros" don't outweigh the "cons". I love the Colts too, but bringing the Superbowl to Indy would cost far more than it would take in.

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