Saturday, February 10, 2007

Allen County Food and Beverage Tax

Please read this article from the News-Sentinel. It will help illustrate one of the things that is WRONG with our local government and possibly with our local media.

Note: I like Kevin Leininger and he does a great job; however, all media outlets should cover this story and should be OUTRAGED about it.


The Allen County Food and Beverage Tax was sold to the taxpayers as a "temporary tax." The taxpayers were promised that this tax would be temporary and that it would ONLY BE USED TO FUND THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE EXPOSITION HALL AT THE MEMORIAL COLISEUM.

This tax was NOT popular in Allen County; however, it was passed since the taxpayers were promised the the tax would be:
Only used for Construction of the Exposition Hall and payment of those bonds AND
That the tax would END after the bonds were payed off...

Our local officials have went to the Indiana Legislature and has "convinced" them to modify the terms of the tax. THAT IS WRONG.

Our local officials should come to the voters and deal with us rather then Indianapolis.

The tax was intended for one purpose and it was intended to expire. Our elected officials should ensure that the tax is used ONLY for its original purpose and it should be eliminated as soon as the bonds are paid off.

It is NOT complicated.

There is not ONE elected official that wants to eliminate this tax or wants to use this tax for its original purpose.

It is time to "vote the bums out."


Mike Sylvester


James Fitch said...

Taxes are never temporary

Jeff Pruitt said...

If there's anything more addictive than crack or meth it has to be tax dollars...

Insider said...

This was the brainchild of Nelson Peters and Tom Wyss.

This disregard for the public concerns me about our elected officials.

Thats why I support Harper, Didier, Mildred, Hines, and Kelty.

Angry White Boy said...

I'm with Insider.

I'll be posting about this on my Blog to make sure everyone knows about Peter-Peter the Tax Eater.

Anonymous said...

Our tax and spend Republican officials would be considered Democrats in any other community.

I guess Knuth had it right when he said that the Democrats were back.

Anonymous said...

So far Nelson Peters is in favor of the new regional income tax and now wants to renege on the Food and Beverage tax (which they wink, wink claim won't be raised). Who knows what other new tax he will invent to help pay for the Harrison deal or any other project he dreams up. Maybe he should be known as peter, peter the tax creator!

Robert Enders said...

I'm partial to calling him "Nelson Palpatine"....

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

The ONLY thing "temporary" about ANY tax is the rate at which it was first legislated...after that, it's ALL UPHILL...!



((Nelson Palpatine...LMAO!))

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