Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Election for Fort Wayne Mayor, 2007

I think that it is very important that Fort Wayne elects a Mayor in 2007 that will help control the size of local government and will enact programs to retain and attract new jobs...

There are four Republicans that are running for the office at this time. I do not know anything about 2 of the 4 candidates. If you know anything about them please let me know.

The two best known Republican candidates are Matt Kelty and Nelson Peters. This is a race that I am watching carefully and that I am pretty excited about.

I think that both Matt Kelty and Nelson Peters are good men and good candidates. I expect both to run clean campaigns that are driven by the issues and their opinions. I fully expect both men to act honorably and to NOT resort to "mud-slinging." (Mark Souder could learn a lot from Nelson Peters and Matt Kelty)

I really hope that a Libertarian candidate steps forward to run for this important office.

The Democrats have had one person file to run for this office and I also do not know much about him. If you know anything more about this candidate please let me know.

There are a lot of problems "looming" in Fort Wayne and there are a lot of projects coming down the pipe that will cost the taxpayers HUGE sums of money:
FWCS 500 Million dollars and Wendy Robinson says that is just a starting
CSO This could easily run 500 million dollars or more
Retirement Liabilities This is about another 240 million dollars

We need a Mayor who can decrease the City of Fort Wayne budget so that we can pay for the above projects without HUGE tax increases.

We need a Mayor who understands that mindlessly "throwing more money" at Downtown Fort Wayne will NOT help revitalize Downtown.

We need a Mayor who understands that it would be a large mistake to move the Sheriff's department to New Haven. The Sheriff should be downtown. This is a no-brainer.

We need a Mayor who can make some personnel changes in The Mayor's office and remove some Department Heads that need to be replaced.

We need a Mayor who can lead and can get things done.

Believe it or not; I think we have a good chance of getting a strong Mayor elected this year. I CANNOT remember the last time I saw TWO candidates that were as qualified as Matt Kelty and Nelson Peters. I truly hope that strong Democrat and Libertarian candidates run for this office!

Mike Sylvester


adaddy said...

I frankly disagree.

Peters is an HR guy, who chaired Criminal Justice Task Force. Or merging county and city security thingy. So basically a system insider without business managerial qualifications.

I would think of a business minded leader who understands finances, priorities and can identify and hackle the problems well. Also who had a broader then HR-Criminal interests. We have way to much courts/goverment/lawyers here already. Isn't it what libertarianism supposed to be about?

I would imagine what we need are earning possibilities, freedom from goverment abuse/interference and useful services.

Kelty's web-site looks like half baked marketing plan. He is obviously right as far as the airport is concerned, but the point is not to attract just business, but the business that is
beneficial to the city residents, like paying good wages, do not pollute, create opportunity for other local businesses, and such. The reason this city sucks and people are moving out are government abuse of power, absense of opportunities and ridiculously low wages that the local businesses pay.

I also wonder why a libertarian like you care to promote insider republicans ?

LP Mike Sylvester said...


You ask a good question, "also wonder why a libertarian like you care to promote insider republicans ?"

There are no Libertarians willing to run for the office...

That means I have to choose from what is available...

Mike Sylvester

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