Friday, February 16, 2007

Leo Morris hits it dead on...

Read this editorial:


This editorial sums up the situation very well...

The taxpayers of Allen County were lied to. We were promised that:
1. The Food and Beverage Tax would be temporary.
2. The Food and Beverage tax would ONLY BE USED TO PAY OFF THE BONDS FOR THE

The tax has been used for many other items at this point... It was used for two additional expansions and for various other Coliseum costs...

The tax should be eliminated at once.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Nelson Peters and the rest of the GOP will subvert this tax again because they need it to build a stadium.

Mark my words. If they are able to move this tax to the Harrison Square project, this tax will be increased and it will never go away.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Oh, but Nelson Peters is such an intellegent, well-seasoned, experienced politician, and such a good man...

Just ask all of the anonymous trolls who keep posting adulation for him all over the local blog scene. You'd think the guy had single-handedly cured cancer or something.

I think I believe your anonymous post more than the other ones.

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