Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Harrison Square

My largest problem with this project is the fact that our local government wants to build and operate a new parking garage near the "new" baseball stadium that they want to build to replace the current baseball stadium which does not need to be replaced.

Consider this:
The parking garage next to to City County Building lost almost a quarter of a million dollars per year from 2002 - 2005. This parking garage is leased from a private owner and operated by County employees. This parking garage is located in the best possible location downtown and it STILL loses money every year.

Imagine building a brand new parking garage. This would require us to pay off the building loan and interest on the building loan. Believe it or not our local government also wants to make a deal with Lincoln so that Lincoln can use half of the parking spaces for free during the work week...

How much do you think this new parking garage will lose?

My current guess is $500,000 per year.

Where do you think this money will come from?

It will come from all of us one way or another...

Mike Sylvester


scott said...

I would encourage you to write to Deputy Mayor Mark Becker and ask him to address your concerns with the parking garage

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I will be talking to the Mayor about it Thursday night...

Mike Sylvester

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

I just think we better start checking the toilet bowl BEFORE we flush, because obviously, the city (and county) are under the impression that we are ALL crapping out "Ben Franklins" by the truckload...



Anonymous said...

We've been spoonfed enough crap by our politicians that it may be a two-flusher.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Mark Becker is just as pot-committed on this whole absurd "everybody loves baseball" horseshit as the Emperor and Sam Tal Jr. and company.

The first thing downtown FW needs is a grocery store. Kudos to Matt Kelty for spotting this major deficiency and stumping on the idea. I have spoken with many people who would LOVE to live downtown if there were basic amenities and better parking. Grocery was always...without fail, #1 on the wish-list. I don't recall hearing anyone say "oh, hell, I'd live downtown in a heartbeat if there was a stadium and some pay-parking."

Jeff Pruitt said...

I will be there Thurs night as well Mike. Mainly to aske the Deputy why the hell he's (unlawfully) avoided my FOIA request...

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