Friday, February 09, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Marcella C Burtch has a letter to the editor in Wednesday's JG that you should read. It is entitled "Set up weigh-ins and tax fat people."

The text is copied below for your enjoyment:

Set up weigh-ins and tax fat people

Is everyone as tired of hearing about smoking as I am? Now comes the idea to raise the tax $1 a pack.

I have a plan that would raise even more money for health care. Install a scale at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices. Require everyone to weigh in before they get a license. Then charge $1 for every overweight pound. Next, require people to come back every six months for another weigh-in and charge them another $1 per pound.

Not only would we lose our sixth-fattest state ranking, but we would have so much money we could take care of everyone’s health needs and probably have enough left over to send everyone a birthday present.

Fort Wayne

Mike Sylvester


scott said...

"A modest proposal", no doubt :)

Tim Zank said...

What a wonderful idea, has anyone contacted Doc Crawfords team? It is the next logical step in saving us all from ourselves.

Manfred said...

Only 6th fattest? I would have guessed higher. Even the active people I know have high blood pressure & chloresterol, besides carrying at least 20 extra pounds.

Robert Enders said...

I'm fat and my blood pressure is low! If the government passes the tax I may have to take up smoking in order to lose weight.