Friday, February 23, 2007

384th Military Police Battallion deployed today

The 384th Military Police Battalion deployed to Fort Bliss today.

This unit is based in Fort Wayne and will spend 3 months at Fort Bliss training for their deployment into Iraq. After their 3 months of training they will spend about 15 months in Iraq.

I hope that the 150 local soldiers attached to this unit all return home safe.

I have nothing but respect for those who serve this country.

I hope that our soldiers use whatever force is necessary to defend themselves and I hope that our government and military provide them with both the equipment they need and "rules of engagement" that allow our soldiers to defeat anyone who attacks them.

A friend of mine serves with this unit. I will be thinking about Jeremiah a lot in the next year and a half and I hope that he comes home safe from his tour in Iraq!

Good luck Jeremiah!

Come home safe...

Mike Sylvester

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