Thursday, February 08, 2007

Citilink Driver charged with sexual assault in Fort Wayne

There is a very disturbing story in the Journal Gazette today.


A Citilink bus driver is accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger with mental disabilties. He is accused of doing this on a Citilink bus while the bus was in operation.

First of all, the man is innocent until proven guilty.

If he is proven guilty I hope he is put into prison for a long, long time. I do NOT understand what could possibly make someone do this to a person who is mentally disabled. I just cannot comprehend it.

I personally think Citilink is a City service that is ineffective and used by very few people. I think we should use smaller buses and I think that Citilink should be paid entirely with user fees...

I wonder what Global Warming critics think of City buses driving around Fort Wayne with few people on them... What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

If a driver of a Citilink bus can stop his bus during its route and assault a rider of the bus without ANYONE seeing it that tells me that we may have even more problems with Citilink then I thought.

Lets hope that the adult woman is ok and can recover, if she indeed was assaulted.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...


I agree with you about Citilink. Have you reviewed the proposals from the "Green Ribbon Commission" of which Nelson Peters was a part? Among other things, they propose raising parking fees in downtown to force people to use citilink and/or carpool? Have you asked Peters which of the Green Ribbon Commission proposals Peters intends to implement, should he become Mayor?

jimmy olsen said...

Nice try anonymous, drag Nelson's name thru the mud and not have the guts to post your own.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said:

Jimmy Olsen does have a good point. I do allow anonymous comments; however, they carry more weight when you sign your name to them...

Mike Sylvester

Robert Enders said...

Raising parking fees will NOT help downtown.

Anonymous probably is a city or county employee and is worried about losing his or her job.