Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fort Wayne Blizzard and Tax Returns

I had one trip to a client today. That client is at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. I went there around 9 this morning. I did not think the roads were bad at all. I was only on major roads...

When I got to the NIIC I had a hard time getting into the building. About 10 people were there. Most of those 10 people were getting ready to go home.

After doing some Accounting work I went over to Best Buy. Then I drove home. I had to pick up my kids on the way home since our Day Care Center closed early for the first time in the memory of any of the employees... I got home with the kids around noon.

My wife spent the morning at a client over by Chapel Ridge and at another client in New Haven. The 3rd client cancelled since he was going home. Karena got home around noon as well.

She said that 469 was awful...

We spent the rest of the day at home. We took turns watching the kids and preparing tax returns...

I imagine we will spend most of the day home again tomorrow...

I barely remember the blizzard of 1977 in Fort Wayne; but, I do remember it and have some pictures. I lived over by Georgetown Square at the time on Vance Avenue. I was 10 years old... We were snowed in for an entire week. I remember walking to Georgetown Square and pulling a sled. We put groceries in the sled and brought them back home. I remember picking things up for some retired neighbors. My brother and I thought it was awful cool at the time...

This blizzard is not that bad. It is NOT even close. We will see what happens in the next 24 hours...

Mike Sylvester

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Karen Goldner said...

There are some fun pictures from 1978 on Berry Street Beacon (http://berrystreetbeacon.wordpress.com/).

I agree that this morning wasn't too bad. I had no trouble getting to a 7:30 breakfast meeting - only to find that the only people there were the staff at Ceruti's. My breakfast club apparently is not made up of terribly hardy stock. (Breakfast was terrific, by the way.) But tonight I was glad that the neighbor kid is an entrepreneur and popped over this evening to save me from a second after-work shoveling.

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