Friday, April 07, 2006

Tina Taviano is one of the Democratic candidates running for the Democratic nomination for Allen County Sheriff, here is her platform

IT'S TIME for:

*County-City Combined Services. This means combining certain areas of both the city and county police departments. These areas include training facilities, communication (911), as well as certain maintenance facility components. As time goes on, she has also expressed great interest in sharing facilities with the city police department. This will allow Fort Wayne to respond more effective in the case of any disaster, natural or man-made. Tina isn't talking about UniGov, and certainly not "brown shirts and blue pants." With regard to Mayor Richard's latest UniGov proposal, since she has not examined his plan (since it is still being developed with public input), she has not yet taken a stance on it. However, she still feels strongly that the comibing of certain public safety services should continue regardless of the Mayor's proposal.

*Fiscal Responsibility. This means saving both city and county residents' tax dollars. Tina will call upon her years of administrative experience, as well as her Bachelor's degree in Business, and Master's in Public Affairs to bring the best business strategies to the Sheriff's department. Furthermore, by combining certain services with the city and county, the collective bargaining power of the two agencies will be increased. Both the departments will be able to receive lower bids on necessary equipment, and will be able to reduce duplication in the areas of equipment repair, etc. through standardization.

*Long Term Planning. This ties directly in to fiscal responsibility. By using her business skills and education to set long term goals for the department, the Sheriff's office will grow more efficient and spend less money overall. In some areas, this means that there may be very little initial economic benefit, however in the long term, Allen County residents will continue to feel these positive impacts.

*Strong Leadership. Having held supervisory positions in nearly all areas of the Sheriff's Department, Tina is fully prepared to serve as an effective and strong leader. Currently the Director of Training, she has also held the position of District Chief as well as Combat Command positions with several Volunteer Fire Departments. She has dedicated her life to public service, having served as a sworn officer since 1982. She has demonstrated her leadership in both paid and volunteer capacities, as she has also served on multiple boards and commissions such as ERIN's House for Grieving Children, and the Mayor's Commission against Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment and Rape.

*Progressive Programs.
-Increased and more accessible Sex Offender Registry tracking and enforcement.
-More officer's in schools, however not in a "hall monitor" capacity. Tina believes that children should be introduced to law enforcement in a positive way at a young age, building confidence and repoire with our younger generation.
-Enhanced online services. By increasing the accessibility and services available to citizens online, we can cut costs and reduce costly paperwork.
-Civilians for Civilian Positions. Tina believes that sworn officers do best in positions that make use of their certifications and training, whether supervisory and administrative, or on the street protecting citizens. There are numerous civilian positions that are currently being filled by sworn officers. By having civilians perform these job functions, the department will both save money, and be able to allocate resources where they are needed most.


Allen County Sheriff's Department:
*Director of Training
*Master Instructor
*Detective (Crimes Against Persons)
*Patrol Supervisor
*Jail Supervisor

10 Years: Volunteer Fire/EMS - Held rank of District Chief, the first woman in Allen County to do so.
7 Years: Mayor's Commission against Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment and Rape.

Volunteer Efforts & Community Involvement(Partial List):
*SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect)
*ERIN's House for Grieving Children
*Community Service Council
*Ivy Tech Criminal Justice Advisory Board
*PLAN IT Allen Comprehensive Plan

Mission Statement:

To provide fair and equal access to quality services in a professional manner, to ALL residents of Allen County.


Jeff Pruitt said...

Am I the only one who cringes when a lifelong civil servant uses the term "business skills"?

Robert Enders said...

She has a degree in business, Jeff.

I've worked in the private sector for most of my adult life, and my degree is in political science. Isn't that backward?

I like Taviano. At a cnadidate's forum that I attended last month, she was the only candidate for sheriff who believed that consolidation of city and county 911 services would save taxpayer money in addition to providing better service. Since the LP does not have a candidate in that race, she has my support.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff: No you are not the only one. A college degree pales to real world experience.

Robert: I have to say that I like Taviano's platform. Since I will be voting "School Board only" this election I do not have to decide whihc candidate to support yet. For me the verdict is still out.

Jeff Pruitt said...


You make the exact point I was trying to make. Just because you have a degree in political science doesn't mean you have "political skills". Real-world experience can mean just as much and sometimes more than a purely educational background.

I certainly would not qualify someone who has never worked for the private sector as "business-savvy" or having "business skills". And a degree possibly obtained decades ago may not be a relevant today...

Anonymous said...

tina worked in management during high school & while getting her college degrees as well. she has actual business background, education and departmental experience.

John Good said...

I was on the fence on this one until I heard Tina and Mike Joiner speak at the ACDP meetup last month. Both are knowledgable and well-qualified for the job of sheriff. However, Tina was far more impressive in her speaking manner, self-confidence and, as Robert pointed out, her view on consolidation. My vote was decided on that day. I would encourage anyone interested in this race to hear her speak about the job.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I'm certainly not going to question her qualifications for the job - I think they are as good as any of the other candidates.

I just don't like hearing people w/ no private sector experience (part-time jobs during high school and college don't really count) talk about their business skills. IMO she would be much better off focusing 100% on her experience within the dept (more relevant anyway) and not trying to push the "business background" issue.

Anonymous said...

try full time management while in school & still graduating with honors. and theres nothing wrong working part time, it shows alot of initiative & determination. most students have to work to pay tuition, books, etc. as did tina.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think our anonymous commenters are missing the point. None of us are saying that she is not qualified. She sounds qualified to me.

Jeff Pruitt said that "he cringes when lifelong civil servants use the term business skills."

I admit, I do cringe when I hear that. Working for a government DOES NOT necessarily give you business skills.

Having a college degree in business does not necessarily give you business skills; believe me, I graduate with an Accounting Degree in two weeks and some of the people I have met are staggeringly incompetent...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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