Friday, April 21, 2006

Another powerful letter in The Journal Gazette this time

The author of this letter supports any of the three challengers and just wants to see the incumbents removed from office. He is a current student at Carroll High School. He used his real name and exercised his freedom of speech to express his frustration with Carroll High School.

The article is entitled "Time to change NACS Board" and was written by Brad King.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If I could vote in Ft Wayne you would have my vote, Mike.

Knock 'em dead.

Anonymous said...

Mike-You were correct at the NACS School Board election forum last Wed. evening at Carroll High School--you stated you know little or nothing about the high school--so true. You referred to a letter by a student--you better check your facts about the recent letter by a student in the Northwest News and the Fort Wayne Newspapers. Read the parents' letter in today's journal. You will find that young man was shamelessly "used" by a disgruntled student--you know the disgruntled student I'm referring to. CHS is a wonderful school with outstanding administrators, teachers and students. You have done them all a disservice! I believe you are obviously unqualified to play a leadership role and you've shown your true colors by spreading false rumors and innuendos--shame on you.--As a taxpayer in the NACS district I certainly don't endorse you and can't understand how you feel qualified to run for the school board.

Andrew Kaduk said...

All hail the word of the anonymous twits that post unsubstantiated crap all over the web!

All bow before the morons who can't even figure out how to type their own names, yet still think that they should somehow be able to dictate the rest of our opinions to us!

All salute in reverence to the cowards that hide behind the cloak of anonymity because they are not comfortable with their own they have to whisper them from behind a curtain!

Nobody needs your endorsement! Being endorsed by an anonymous ass is like getting no endorsement at all.

William Larsen said...

anonymous I know of one federal law that Carroll and all of NACS break yearly. They have been told about it yet continue to violate it.

As for a school board member, their responsibility is in the financing the school system, they higher administrators to higher teachers. In my opinion, the school board should rairly get into teacher-parent-student problems. The School Board Member is the community’s voice in terms of business well being. A financially strong system can provide the means to a good education. A financially poor system will have difficulty meeting its objectives.

I suggest you look at NACS budget and forecast. A school system has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. I was at the school board and heard one board member put forth excuses that you cannot forecast. This is just plain hogwash. Good people can forecast, bad and incompetent people cannot.

Carroll High school is over crowded. Its hallways are narrow as well as the stairwells. They do not allow back packs in the hallways. Now they want to build an addition that costs I am told $60 million that will increase capacity by no more than 700 students. A new high school with a capacity of 1,500 would cost $100 million. Which one is more economical to build?

When you build a school, do you plan for an addition or do you plan to build another school when that reaches capacity? These questions should be answered before any decision is made. In simple terms you need a plan by which your school system is to be run. What we have are decisions being made without regard to the big picture, because there is no big picture plan.

This is just one example of incompetence. The other is they use cash flow accounting instead of accrual. This causes property tax rates to increase instead of remaining constant. The school board must go. It is time for people with the ability to budget and plan to take over.

John Good said...


Did you happen to catch the letter to the editor in the Sunday JG? From the kid's parents.

Andrew Kaduk said...


I just posted about that letter!

Come on over for a visit.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said:

I love freedom of speech. That is part of the reason I operate a blog. I like to express my opinions and I like to read the opinions of other people.

I even enjoy reading comments from anonymous people who continually hide behind the title "anonymous said" who refuse to do anything except attack everyone...

I think you need to get YOUR facts straight...

Based on what I have read in the newspaper it looks to me like a CHS student submitted a letter to the newspapers to be printed as a letter to the editor.

It looks like that students parents do not agree with the letter their son submitted to the newspaper.

I have NO IDEA who wrote what. Unlike "anonymous said," I am not omniscient...

I have said this over and over; but, for "Anonymous said's" benefit I will say it again...

Please read this carefully "anonymous said."

Based on the comments of MANY parents I feel that the Elementary Schools in NACS are outstanding.

Based on the comments of MANY parents I feel the Middle Schools are good.

Based on the comments of MANY parents I feel that Carroll High School NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED.

That does not mean I think Carroll is awful; it means that there is room for improvement...

Interestingly enough both Mary Wysong and Ron Felger stated at the second candidate forum that they have some concerns about Carroll as well... I believe both specifically used the word "atmosphere;" but, I am not sure.

Based on all of the people I have talked to in the last couple of months it is my opinion that a fair amount of people feel that Carroll is wonderful. There is also a fair amount of people that think Carroll is not wonderful...

In my experience what this means is the truth is somewhere in the middle. I have encountered this over and over in the last few years many different times.

This bears further investigation... That is what prudent people do...

Mike Sylvester

Andrew Kaduk said...

I think it's hilarious, Mike, that you are being anonymously blamed for spreading "rumors and innuendos--" when you were simply commenting on something that was in the paper.

These parents and their whole "our son just wanted to be liked by Jeffy Fraser" crap is equally funny...

Bobett said...

In the orthodontia office yesterday, I met a
a recent former employee from Carrol H.S. She mentioned there is a disconnect with the leadership at Carroll H.S. She expressed her high school sophomore and senior felt and thought they were walking on egg-shells. She loved her teaching assistant job at Carrol, but now works full-time elsewhere. Her thoughts were the Principal
needs to go and the board needs to be revised.

A Current Carroll Student said...

As stated in the parental letter, the document printed in the newspaper was created by someone besides Mr. King. A common mistake one makes when writing a letter under the name of someone else is to insert your own name. "Jeff Fraser" was named specifically instead of as a "former carroll student" which would be more common. Although not clear by itself, "its time for a change" is something that Mr. Fraser says on many occasions. Judging by his past action, one could easily assume that the TRUE author of this document is Mr. Fraser.

Anonymous said...

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