Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 17th Libertarian event

Several Libertarians passed out some infomrational reading yesterday. The News Sentinel has some good coverage of this even and a picture of Doug Horner.

Check it out:

Mike Sylvester


William Larsen said...

Mike, the picture is large enough that you can see both your button and mine. I wish I would have had the time to go.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

I am very happy at the positive publicity that we received at the tax protest.

I was there from about 4PM until 6:45, at which time I had another event to attend.

I came back at around 9:15PM to find Phil, Tom and his kids there. Unfortuneately I was very hungry and the temperature was chilly with a high wind. I helped pack things in.

We could have still handed out flyers as traffic was backing up when we left.

The "Honk if you hate taxes" sign gets a lot of people to honk. I am glad we had it.

Perhaps next year weather and food supplies permitting we can go all the way until midnight.

I also think that it is good that we have had press coverage two (2) years running. This level of consistancy will help promote our agenda and points in the years to come.


Doug Horner

PS - Bill, with all that free press I just gave you, don't say I never did anything for you... :)

Robert Enders said...

Watch the GOP Congress adopt the Fair Tax in a desperate attempt to deprive us of this forum. But that will be ok. We advocate the adoption of the Fair Tax as an alternative to the income tax.

James Madison said...

FAIR TAX ISNT FAIR. It puts a disproportionate focus on the lowest and lower middle class!!! These are the people that need govt help the most. The rich can afford higher income taxes, but the poor live more "hand to mouth" and imposing a 30% (from what I have heard, this figure is in the realm of possibility) would KILL their buying power. I know the libertarians are all for less government involvement, but if you think the american people will let you skrew a single mom with kids living as best she can, you have got another thing comming.

I get tired of hearing radical right wing politicians talk about "fair tax" when there is nothing "fair" about it.

Robert Enders said...

The fair tax would not be imposed on basic food or used goods. Anything bought in a pawn shop or a thift store would not be taxed. That makes the fair tax progressive.

I am basing part of my my campaign on reducing Indiana's sales tax because it applies to new and used goods. But I still support the fair tax. Overall, it will reduce the amount of tax paid by law abiding citizens of all income levels becasue people will not be able to cheat on their taxes ever again.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


You need to read something about The Fair Tax. Based on your comments you do not understand it.

The Fair tax exempts the poor from it just like the income tax does...

Mike Sylvester

William Larsen said...

The fair tax as identified at this link http://www.fairtax.org has some problems that have yet to be solved. My annalysis of their proposal does not find it to be revenue neutral.

The tax that is specifed is enough to replace the Federal Income Tax, but not Social Security, Medicare, corporate or any other taxes.

The concept of the Fair Tax is a good one. However, from what I can determine, the plan outlined needs revised.

Anonymous said...

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