Friday, April 07, 2006

Economic Development Mike Sylvester style

I have posted comments about this before...

Fort Wayne and Allen County should get together and they should ABOLISH personal property taxes at once.

Businesses are required to file a stupid form each year and to pay a small percentage of the value of all of their equipment to The Township. This form is due on May 15th. For the smallest business this form is still four pages long...

Businesses of course then pass this tax along to their customers. Just abolish the tax. We would be much better off:

1. It is a long form and it is a pain to fill it out.
2. It is ALMOST impossible to enforce. Many businesses do NOT even pay it. Those
businesses who do are almost penalized because there are so many businesses that do not
pay it.
3. The City Council often grants tax abatements to large and mid-sized companies; these
abatements forgive these companies from paying these taxes for a period of time. Small
Business owners are locked out of these tax abatements.
4. Tax abatements are unfair on this tax. They benefit large companies and punish small

I keep hearing how 7 of 10 jobs are created by small businesses. Why do we keep subsidizing large businesses and penalizing small businesses?

It does not make sense...

Do not even get me started on the Downtown Improvement District today.

Mike Sylvester


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Georgia just put up almost a half BILLION dollar incentive to Kia for a 2500 job plant.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

That's 2500 jobs for the state, not just in the plant.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Tax incentives are wrong.

Just LOWER the tax rate for EVERYONE and let the strong comapnies survive and the weak ones die...


Robert Enders said...

You'll find headlines about incentive packages creating jobs 1000 or 2000 at a time. But you probably don't see many news articles about new restaurants or repair shops opening up with 10 or 15 employees. Nor would you see an article about a small welding shop expanding and hiring a couple more workers.

Most people in America don't work for the government or large corporations. They work for small businesses, or they are self employed. But these businesses don't have the political pull on the state and national level to lobby for tax incentives. So they end up paying more than their share of the total tax burden.

As I had stated when I first announced my candidancy for state representative, we encourage new businesses to start and existing ones to expand by cutting taxes across the board.

Anonymous said...

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