Thursday, April 13, 2006

Results of last poll

The results of the last poll are in:
Ron Felger One Vote
John Hilger Two Votes
Doug Adelsperger Eight Votes
Mary Wysong Ten Votes
Mike Sylvester Fifteen Votes

Obviously this poll is of NO worth. This is my blog and the readers are biased...

In my opinion the newspaper made four candidates look good and made one candidate look somewhat poor.

I would say that the newspaper made Felger, Adelsperger, Wysong and myself all look fairly good. I would say they made Hilger look not so good. I find it VERY interesting that John Hilger's daughter is going to Bishop Dwenger rather then Carroll...


Anonymous said...

The Hilgers are very strong Catholics. However, both Hilger brothers have served on community boards for many years. Joe served on this board before John and now serves on the NE REMC board. I think it is going to be difficult for you to beat an established person who has done a lot of good in this community. Just my two cents but contrary to what Mitch Harper thinks people don't read blogs. At least the majority of people.

Anonymous said...

Take off your rose colored glasses Mike I think the Journal makes you look like the LEAST qualified candidate and makes it sound like you are a ONE ISSUE candidate which in my opinion your are. I would count my chickens You will be lucky to be any more than last place in this race.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think these are great comments...

I do not know very much about The Hilgers. I actually wish I knew more. I know they are a large family in this area...

I my in fact me wearing Rose colored glasses. It is hard to say. I have had quite a few poeple contact me in the last couple of months and ofer their support.

I have NO IDEA who will win. I truly think any of the candidates could win; but, I think Hilger is the least likely.

We will see on May 2nd...


Andrew Kaduk said...

I notice there is no byline on that article. Who wrote that piece of shit? That's just bad reporting...presenting editorial as fact. F'n useless drivel. Hilger has rubber stamped virtually everything that's landed in front of him, and yet Carroll STILL isn't up to his standards for his 4th daughter. Why? If he's making the place so friggin' great, why is his daughter enrolled elsewhere? And don't feed me this "good Catholic" crap, you can still be a catholic if you attend a public school. So we're supposed to rubber stamp the rubber stampers just because they have a sense of civic duty? David Roach also has a sense of civic duty and I'll bet he won't get elected. What I'm hearing here is "ignore the moronic things they've done and said, just vote for them."

Fawk that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sylvester,Mr Kaduk-

YOU ARE MORONS. Hilger's daughter has a cousin very close to her own age and was given the option of going to carroll or dwenger.

I am glad Mr. Hilger wont politicize his daughter and shame on you for trying to do it for him.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

Politicize it? You have got to be kidding me...

You do not see it in my flyers, or my ads, or my door hangers, or anywhere else.

It certainly is relevent information... That is most likely why it is in the newspaper...

Andrew Kaduk said...

And since we're on the topic of "Morons" Mr./Mrs. Anonymous Ass:

I belive you meant "LOSE" not "LOOSE."

"LOOSE" is like your mom...oooh, umm...we won't go there.

If Hilger has no kids left in the school district, it is just my opinion that he needs to make way for someone else who has a vested interest in its success. I don't see that Mr. Hilger has any such interest to preserve...which leads me to ask why exactly he's running again. I have ALWAYS thought that school board members should either have kids in the district or kids who will be in the district. I personally don't believe that anyone else has a legitimate claim to a school board seat. This is probably all I'm gonna say about this topic until the anonymous cowards step from behind their veils of abashment and stand behind their preposterous statements.

Hilger's daughter has a cousin very close to her own age and was given the option of going to carroll or dwenger.

Life must be tough with choices like that. I think my kids will get to choose their school when they select a COLLEGE. This "pick a high school" BS is just silly...high school students are not exactly what I would classify as "Brilliant Decision Makers" (vis-a-vis Jeff Fraser) so I think in my household, unless my kids have a legitimate beef with the school that I deem "best" for them, their asses will be in the chairs at THAT school. That being said, if Hilger's daughter had a legitimate beef with Carroll, then why did Hilger not address the problem(s) with the school board to make Carroll a more desirable choice?

I also find it very funny that someone is posting anonymously on a blog about how people don't read blogs. How ironic is that? Made me giggle. My Sitemeter statistics tell me who's on my blog every'd be amazed.

Jeff Pruitt said...

You don't think anyone should politicize his daughter's choice of schools?

Of course they should politicize it - it's important. If a candidate doesn't have a vested interest in the school then that candidate should be called out and asked why they feel like they are a viable candidate?

IMO, Mike should make this a very big issue in his campaign. Why isn't the school good enough for Hilger's daughter? And if its not for whatever reason, then he should withdrawal as a candidate. I don't think you have to support Mike to question why anyone w/o a family member in the district would want to be on the board...

Andrew Kaduk said...


You sure summed that up more quickly than I did.



Debbie said...

Hey Andrew, I have absolutely no opinion about this particular situation with the specific Hilger person, but I was intrigued when I read this quote from you:

"I have ALWAYS thought that school board members should either have kids in the district or kids who will be in the district. I personally don't believe that anyone else has a legitimate claim to a school board seat."

The schools are not solely funded by those who are parents of the kids, everyone is taxed. So don't you think anyone who is paying for the schools has a legitimate claim to a school board seat if they want to run for it?

John Good said...

Andy and Jeff,

You are right on the mark here. There is little that I could add to your comments. GO MIKE!

Andrew Kaduk said...

It is the job of the average-Joe-taxpayer like ME to choose someone for school board who (IN ORDER):

1. Has the best interest of the school system (first the students, then the faculty, finally the assets) in mind.

2. ALSO has the best interests of the taxpaying public in mind.

Anyone is welcome to run for school board in my opinion, BUT...they are not going to fill the criteria I listed if they don't have their own kids enrolled within the system or WON'T have kids enrolled in the system (and no, I don't believe it counts if your kids have graduated and moved on). It is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to tell me they know what's best for my kids and their school if their kids aren't in the same boat as's just common sense sprinkled with logic (not notoriously common in school board meetings).

Anonymous said...

Bottom line Dick I mean Andy John Hilger will win.

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