Monday, April 10, 2006

I also attended the joint City and County Council Meeting where combining 911 service was discussed

County Council members were given their chance to weigh in on consolidation.

Paula Hughes was very in favor of it.

Cal Miller thinks it is an exciting opportunity and thinks we need to listen to everyone.

Vogt pretty much agreed with Cal Miller.

Cunnegin thinks it is exciting and thinks they must be good listeners.


Basically two years have been spent trying to combine City and County 911 service. They are pretty close to a solution but just cannot get it done...

This is the result of two large governmental departments trying to deal with each other. It just does not work and this clearly does not bode well for those in favor of consolidation. It is always about control and money.

Talarico really was disgusted and wanted something done within 30 days. The Sheriff and Chief of Police instead want to have a proposed solution by July and try to merge by January of 2007. Talarico correctly pointed out that opponents of consolidation will point to this as an example of how it is nearly impossible to get consolidation done... Talarico is right... (I hate agreeing with Talarico...)

I really wish I would have left because this synopsis covered well over an hour of boring conversation that GOT NOWHERE.

It may have been worth staying just so that I could hear Talarico defending a viewpoint that I actually agree with... That does not seem to happen often...

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