Sunday, April 02, 2006

Platform from Kevin Boyd, Democratic Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District

I have contacted several local candidates who are running for public office. I have not been able to contact all of them; but, I am doing the best that I can. Please feel free to email any candidates that you know. I would like to post as many platforms and conduct several interviews. I hope to do my part to help inform the voters about their possible choices!

Kevin Boyd has sent me a short version of his platform for my blog. Mr. Boyd has included his contact information so that you can contact him and learn more about his campaign. I would like to thank Mr. Boyd for making a submission to my blog! His submission is below:

Kevin Boyd
Democrat for Congress
Indiana District Three
With your help we can make the changes we need to make in Washington. We can restore:

A sense of Mutual Responsibility

Effective Government for All Americans

Broad Opportunity for each person

A Bright Future and a Strong America

Together, we can build a better future.
Contact Kevin at:

Kevin Boyd for Congress
6142 St. Joe Center Rd. #210
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835-2505

(260) 486-9309
(260) 348-4587

I believe we must do the following things in the next Congress for the good of all Americans:
· Adopt a plan to provide health care for all Americans, including affordable
prescription drugs
· Support and enhance education from preschool through college, removing the
punitive approach and replacing it with positive support that prepares us for
the 21st century.
· Control federal spending, making the hard choices to control the deficit and
to once again start paying down the federal debt.
· Rebuild our economy based on fair trade, good jobs for all paying a living
wage, and new opportunity for all to climb the ladder of the American dream.
· An end to the war in Iraq.

To see more of my plans, visit my web site

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