Thursday, March 30, 2006

William Larsen on Wind Power

Mr. Larsen is running against Mark Souder in the Republican Primary for Indiana's 3rd Congressional District. Mr. Larsen is often considered a "one issue" candidate by many local media sources. I have NO IDEA why they consider him a one issue candidate; but, they do.

Mr. Larsen has a broad platform and is extremely knowledgeable about many issues.

Please take a couple of minutes and check out an article he wrote about wind power. A link to his blog is below:

Lets hope the voters wake up and vote Mark Souder out of office...


Robert Enders said...

I suspect that is because of his signs actually. His signs clearly show that he against Social Security. Since sometimes people only see his signs, all that they know about him is his name, his party, the office he is running for, and his position on that particular issue.

Most signs though, only show name, party, and office. They do not do much to explain why a voter should support that particular candidate.

When I see a candidate's name plastered all over town it says to me one of the following, depending on my previous impressions of that candidate.

1. "Vote for me. I have the support of all these people who took the time to put up my sign.
2. "Vote for me. I am quite competent when it comes to fundraising, so imagine how well I will do in office."
3. "We are the GOP. You will be annexed. Resistance is futile."

William Larsen said...

Robert, you make a good point about those who only see my signs may easily jump to the conclusion that I am one issue. I hope my new signs will dispel this myth.

However, in every campaign, the Media specifically the newspapers have been given ten page position papers detailing my position on topics ranging from Abortion to Terrorism. In 2002, the newspapers were "hungry" for information on Social Security and repeatedly asked questions concerning Social Security. It was difficult to switch the topic to anything but Social Security.

This year I presented the same position paper with Social Security on page nine. Did this help, no.?

Here is my short issue version. What do you think?

bobett said...

You've got my vote Mr. Larsen.

William Larsen said...

bobett, thanks for support. I would ask that you speak to your friends, family and co-workers. Word of mouth is better than any paid advertising.

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