Friday, March 10, 2006

Eminent Domain abuse in Fort Wayne continues

Unfortunately for private business owners Eminent Domain abuse continues in Fort Wayne.

The case between The City of Fort Wayne and Aqua Indiana North is currently being heard in The Indiana Supreme Court.

For those of you who have not been following the story The City of Fort Wayne is trying to seize a successful private utility company that serves about 8000 customers on the north side of Fort Wayne. Most of these customers have been annexed by Fort Wayne in the last couple of years. I am one of these customers.

I certainly do not think Fort Wayne can do a better job then Aqua Indiana North...

Since Fort Wayne annexed these people they then felt that they had a duty and obligation to forcibly seize Aqua Indiana North (A private company) because Fort Wayne claims that they can provide better and cheaper services.

I met in person with Tod Nitza from The City of Fort Wayne about 4 of months ago. He assured me that Fort Wayne would provide better services and that they would be the same in cost or cheaper. On January 1st of this year Fort Wayne increased its water rates 25%, so much for cheaper.

Interestingly enough, Paul Helmke, the man responsible for annexing most of the 8000 customers into The City is actually representing the private company against the City... Interesting...

Who thinks that Fort Wayne's constant abuse of eminent Domain will cause Business owners to want to move to Fort Wayne?

I do not...

If Fort Wayne wins this legal action guess who is next?

Aqua Indiana South located in Aboite. I will be able to hear Aboite residents screaming from my back yard when I am grilling hamburgers...


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